Business and Management

Music and Money, can you remember these numerical tunes

Whether it’s time to fill in your tax return or think about where to invest your money, if you’re in a money mood then here are some songs to listen to: Money, Money, Money – ABBA ABBA understood the importance of money and if you also believe that money makes the world go round, you’ll […]

Health and Fitness

4 Steps To Perform After Dieting

After dieting, either the ketogenic diet or any diet, we must adopt a series of habits to keep the weight or continue losing even more weight. These steps are valid for having lost weight with any diet and are also very valid and recommended once we completed all stages of the ketogenic diet.  Getting back […]

How to be mature

What happens during probate

Basic rule of plumbing

Do you wish you knew more about the plumbing in your house? All those pipes and valves can seem a complete mystery! Plumbing refers to anything to do with the pipes, fittings, drains and valves that provide water and heating in our homes. It is one of the most vital systems in the home and when it goes, can cause some serious headaches! (more…)

Regular servicing of a boiler can save money on fuel bills

Many people believe that servicing their boiler is an unnecessary expense and isn't even worth doing. However, the fact is, if you neglect to service your boiler on a regular basis then you could find that your boiler stops working sooner than it should, which could lead to an increase in your monthly energy bills. If you let boiler repairs fall by the wayside then there is a chance that your boiler will stop working for months at a time and as soon as it does you will be faced with huge costs. This situation would be completely unacceptable, so

Three Ways to Use a Separate Building to Extend your Property

If you are short of space in your home and want to have some more room, moving house isn’t the only way to resolve this. Moving house can be stressful, and also expensive, so adding to your home might be a good way to get the extra room that you are after without having to go through the stressful process of putting your house on the market, looking for somewhere suitable and moving there. Adding space to your home doesn’t have to be done with an extension. If you have outdoor space and want to create a separate area, garden rooms,

How to Design the Perfect Conservatory

Depending on your requirements, a conservatory can be a great addition to your home. It can be an excellent place to sit and relax, and you can even have a plant or two in the window. You can use planters on your windowsill to grow herbs or trees. Plants are excellent for purifying the air in your home. However, you should make sure that the plants you choose are not toxic to your pets. Image credit The first step in designing the perfect conservatory is deciding on the type of structure you want. The design you select for your conservatory should be

How to Prevent Slipping in the Bathroom

Keeping the bathroom floor clean and dry is an important safety measure. To avoid slipping, ensure that rugs, bath mats and towels are properly hung and not left loose on the floor. Make sure that mats kept on the bathtub base or in the shower are anti-slip. Also, make sure that the bathroom is well-lit and warm. In addition, wear non-slip shoes whenever you use the bathroom. In addition, keep your bathroom floor clear of obstacles. (more…)

Extreme Weather that can Cause Problems for your Home

The weather in the UK is always a little unpredictable, and climate change means that it is likely that we will see more extremes of weather. Very high or very low temperatures, like those that we have seen this summer for example, as well as weather conditions like high winds and heavy rainfall are certainly things to watch out for. Image Credit As well as having an effect on health and safety in many cases, extremes of weather can also have a detrimental effect on our homes – here are some of the things to watch out for during some of these

The Dangers of Driving in a Storm

The dangers of driving in a storm are numerous. Heavy rain and winds reduce visibility. Lightning can strike at any moment and can be deadly. It’s also important to remember that a thunderstorm can also cause damage to vehicles and especially if there are high winds and flying debris. It’s therefore imperative to stay in […]

What is Fleet Management?

how to start a car without a key

How to Start a Car Without a Key

The Greta effect: see flight shaming and train bragging rocket in 2020

Fashion Tips and tricks

10 Simple Birthday Makeup Party Tricks

In this time of birthday party, dinners and events it is normal that we worry about our appearance more than ever. Not everyone is an expert in makeup, we tell you a series of birthday makeup tricks for parties.

Indonesia restaurants

Indonesia restaurants: 5 restaurants worth the trip

How to be mature

Black dahlia flower: how to grow this flower on the terrace or in the garden

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