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The Dangers of Driving in a Storm

The dangers of driving in a storm are numerous. Heavy rain and winds reduce visibility. Lightning can strike at any moment and can be deadly. It’s also important to remember that a thunderstorm can also cause damage to vehicles and especially if there are high winds and flying debris. It’s therefore imperative to stay in […]


Why Dredge a River?

The wild parts of our planet support many forms of life and it is now so much more important than ever to look after them. There are many organisations that are responsible for keeping our natural world in good order and helping to maintain it, for both the creatures that call it home and for […]


How to Become a Fashion Designer

Are you a fan of the latest celebrity fashion shows and looking forward to learning how to become a fashion designer yourself? Well, this can be your chance to express yourself creatively. This is a creative field which you can explore with many different opportunities for different careers in fashion. However, it requires dedication, creativity […]