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5 cities of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the countries in America with great natural attributes, ideal for tourism. Being so close to the Caribbean, in this Central American country, you can enjoy the present nature. An example of this is its islands, where you can dive and relax on the beaches, or its spectacular volcanoes. But if you are more of visiting urban centers, don’t worry! Nicaraguan cities captivate anyone and surely more than one will take your breath away.

The best of all is that visiting them is quite simple since many of the cities of Nicaragua have buses that facilitate the transfer. You can get to know the area quietly while taking pictures or just looking around! At El Viajero Feliz we want you to accompany us to tour the cities of this country. Do not stop reading this article and know which are the most beautiful cities in Nicaragua.

 1. Managua

The Villa de Santiago de Managua has some of the best attractions in the country. And for that reason, you must visit this city! Its name means “surrounded by ponds” and it has completely fabulous places, ideal for enjoying an excellent vacation. Managua is one of the largest cities in Central America. So you can imagine that it has a very active urban life!

First, you will find the Salvador Allende port, where you can enjoy the excellent restaurants where an exquisite ceviche is prepared that you will surely want to try again. In the same way, there are bars and discos to enjoy, if you like nightlife. And in Paseo Xolotlán you will be able to see the views of the lake and appreciate the oldest buildings that are in the city.

If you decide to visit this city, you should know that it also has natural spaces such as the Chiltepe peninsula and tourist areas such as Loma de Tiscapa, where the Acahualinca footprints are found. Also, did you know that it is the only capital in the world that has volcanic lagoons inside? What other reason do you need to take a plane to Managua!

2. Granada

Santiago de Granada is one of the perfect cities in Nicaragua for vacationing. In it, you will be able to know a little about everything. It starts with its most famous street: La Calzada. In it, you will be able to appreciate its churches, hotels and its central park. Granada is internationally recognized for its colonial architecture, so it is worth taking a look at. In addition, it is the most visited city in all of Nicaragua!

This city, founded in 1524, has excellent bars to have a good time. You can also visit Fortín La Pólvora, an old place full of history and culture. And if you go to the south of the city, you will find the Mombacho volcano, characterized by its landscapes. It is also the fifth volcano in the Nicaraguan chain, where many species of mammals, amphibians, and birds are found. Do not miss visiting Granada!

3. Leon

León is one of the most popular Nicaraguan cities for being colonial. It is also one of the most visited and very easy to access due to low costs. If you visit it, you can enjoy its museums, bars, restaurants and entertainment centers. Being one of those low-cost cities, transport is quite cheap so you will have no problem visiting it. You can also take some alternative transport, such as a bicycle.

Despite not having as active nightlife as other cities in Nicaragua, it is quite entertaining. In fact, it has a very youthful air that you will not find in another city. Therefore, visiting it with friends or family is perfect. In addition, it is loaded with a lot of culture and history.

You will surely love the colonial architecture of the place, which is truly considered one of the oldest in America. You will also find excellent options to stay at a very good price. The volcanic chain in Leon meets Los Maribios and runs through the city. You can visit this city with ease since it is close to Managua!

4. Ometepecities in nicaragua

Ometepe, mostly known for its twin volcanoes Concepción and Maderas, is an island within Nicaragua. Provides places worth visiting! First of all, there are its beaches on the slopes of the Maderas volcano, you cannot miss them.

It is also characterized by being an ideal city for outdoor activities and although its climate is sometimes rainy, it is not an impediment to enjoyment. Do you want to connect with nature? Ometepe is for you! But if you want to know about history you can go to the museum, an excellent place to see archaeological pieces from the pre-Columbian era.

Ometepe is a city with a unique natural beauty and over the years it’s tourist infrastructures have been improving significantly. The economy of this city is based mainly on the production of bananas and as a second income, it has tourism. And as? If this island is paradisiacal and was even named as a Biological Reserve by UNESCO. For these reasons, it is one of the main cities of Nicaragua.

5. Masaya

Another of the cities in Nicaragua that you cannot miss is Masaya. Known as the “city of flowers” or as the “capital of Nicaraguan folklore,” it has wonderful attractions. Among the most relevant are volcanoes. If you decide to visit them, you will be able to appreciate the monkeys and the large number of birds that inhabit the forests that surround these volcanoes.

Masaya is also known for its Fiesta de Los Aguizotes, held on the last Friday in October. Therefore, if you go in that month, you cannot miss it. There is no better way to get to know the cities of Nicaragua than by getting involved in their festivities, customs, and traditions. Do you visit her?

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