How to paint pvc windows
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How to Paint Pvc Windows? Follow These Steps

Very often there is the need to change the look of our home. This usually happens when you want to renovate the rooms, or when some essential elements of the furniture are subject to the inevitable wear and tear of time. This is the case, for example, of the fixtures and windows which can be replaced, or even painted, to restore their ancient splendor and correct functionality. But how to paint pvc windows? This is what we will try to illustrate in this guide.

How to paint pvc windows?

You will need:

  • Coarse abrasive cloth
  • “Wood effect” paint
  • Compressor
  • Gummed paper
  • Protective mask

How to paint pvc windows

Start with a sanding

PVC is a material that is mainly used in the construction sectors for pipes, fixtures, flooring and cables. In all these cases, therefore, the painting must always take into account the space in which the PVC element will be placed. Before painting a PVC window, you will first need to start with sanding. This operation must always be carried out with a rather coarse-grained abrasive cloth. Subsequently, in order to correct the imperfections, it will be advisable to proceed with a second pass with a slightly thinner grain cloth.

Check the coverage of the frame

It should also be remembered that some windows can be covered in wood, but with a PVC core that is located inside. Many of these, on the other hand, are in most cases all in PVC (both inside and outside), so the manufacturing and painting process requires particular expertise. Therefore, the specific characteristic of the window must be carefully evaluated, in order to decide which is the most appropriate painting intervention.

Do the painting

To repaint the windows in question, first of all, it is necessary to remove them from their place of origin and place them on a bench in order to be able to work comfortably. The first operation to do is, as already mentioned, that of stripping them, since the PVC is originally treated with galvanic baths which are used for an electronic coloring, transmitting the base color through the electrolysis process. Any type of varnish, unless it is enamel, risks not taking root on a completely smooth surface. Different types of varnish can be applied, even those that produce a? Wood effect? natural, with even veins and knots in the wood.

Use the paint compressor

The ideal, for painting PVC windows, would instead be to use a compressor. In this way, two passes will always be sufficient to obtain the desired color. In this way, the color will also be applied correctly and uniformly, smooth and without any streaks. Once dried, the paint allows us to reposition the windows in their natural habitat, so as to enjoy their beauty and brightness for long periods. Finally, the last recommendation is a must: when applying the paint it is important to protect all window seals with gummed paper, as the paint contains chemical solvents that could dissolve them, creating problems of stability and closure to the entire structure.

When choosing the type of painting, always evaluate the characteristics of the place where the windows will be mounted. Never forget to apply protective elements (mask and glasses) to the mouth and eyes.

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