Why crochet is trendy again

It’s not just your grandma’s favourite pastime anymore – crochet has staged a serious comeback. In this article, we’re unravelling the reasons behind the crochet craze and why it is here to stay.

The popularity of crafting is increasing. The rise of social media platforms has fuelled a creative community, providing a space for crafters to showcase their projects, share ideas, and inspire one another. Additionally, the DIY movement, with an emphasis on sustainability and personalised creations, has contributed to the growing appeal of crafting as a sustainable hobby.

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Effect of lockdowns on the crochet trend

With extended periods spent at home due to the pandemic, millions found themselves seeking new ways to occupy their time. Consequently, accessible and straightforward pastimes like knitting and crocheting saw a surge in interest.

Minimalism and Slow Fashion

Slow fashion, which is all about sustainable choices and thoughtful buying, has contributed to the rise in the popularity of crocheting. Slow fashion and the minimalism movement encourage intentional living, creating purposeful items that stand the test of time.

First and foremost, crocheting your own clothes allows you to have a hands-on role in their creation, thereby forging a deeper connection with your wardrobe. By choosing yarns mindfully and investing time in crafting garments, you contribute to sustainability by reducing the demand for mass-produced, often environmentally harmful, fast fashion items.

Crocheting your own blankets is a great step towards minimalism. If you are a beginner, purchase easy crochet blanket kits like those at By creating your blankets, you have control over the materials used and can opt for ethically-sourced yarns.

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In conclusion, the resurgence of crochet in contemporary fashion can be attributed to a variety of factors such as the effect of the lockdowns, growing social media craft communities and the rise in slow fashion.

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