Some benefits of carrying children

Carrying is a way of responding to an innate and physiological need of the newborn: contact.

So how can you help children feel more relaxed and safe? Facilitating and increasing contact with the mother.

Some benefits of bringing children into the babywearing is beneficial, healthy and educational.

Bringing children to the baby carrier can help to recreate an environment that is as close as possible to the uterine one, offering the baby a place to feel welcomed, protected and where to let go. Through physical contact, oxytocin, the love hormone, is secreted. A powerful hormone able to decrease emotional states and feelings such as aggressiveness, fear, stress, anxiety; moreover, it slows down the heart rate and blood pressure, causing the child to have a sense of well-being that favors an increase in curiosity and memory skills. At the same time the mother, through her own body, can transmit feelings of trust and openness to the outside world to the child.

The methods of bringing the newborn belly to the stomach and on the side correspond to the anatomical peculiarities of the latter:

The hips: in the belly-up position, the newborn’s hips do not stand upright and cannot go backwards with respect to the body axis, but take up the slightly divergent position.

The spinal column: at birth it has a C-shaped curvature, which will become S-shaped during the first year of life. This curvature must be respected and not forced.

The use of adequate supports ensures that the natural divergence of the legs is respected and that no pressure is created on the spine, as the baby carrier or the ergonomic structured supports go to support and wrap the baby.

Carrying baby with Rebozo also has positive implications linked to movement. Many studies show that vertical oscillation has a greater calming effect than horizontal oscillation. Probably the reason for this lies in a biological heritage.

Some zoologists and biologists include the newborn in the category of active dishes. Carried because it needs to be moved and transported after birth by the mother or by those who take care of him, until he is able to move independently. It also closely resembles its parents, is sensory mature and is breastfed frequently. Active because it has the reflection of Grasping in the hands and feet and thanks to this it is able to hold on to those who are carrying it. This ability allows the child to seek balance, try to adapt his posture and in a short time to control the head by strengthening on the one hand the muscle tone and on the other lowering his muscular tension, which promotes relaxation and therefore the fall asleep.

Furthermore, the child is subjected to a constant multi-sensorial stimulation that will favor his growth and his mental and cognitive well-being.

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