What are drone filming laws?

Drone filming offers several advantages for filmmakers which explains its popularity. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Costs for aerial footage are lower than helicopters.
  • You can film in confined or small spaces where helicopters are unable to access.
  • Take new perspectives from the ground.
  • From the air you can shoot many things, including landscapes, sporting events, and buildings. For more details about FPV Drone Filming, go to a site like https://www.skypower.co.uk/drone-services/fpv-drone-filming

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Drone Filming Laws

Your location will determine the laws that apply to drone filming. You should research the local laws to find out what they are before you do any filming with drones.

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You should still follow the following general guidelines:

  • Do not hesitate to use your drone in a safe manner.
  • Understanding your legal obligations is important.
  • Keep your drone within sight at all times.
  • Be aware of the environment around you.
  • Avoid flying your drone near airports, aircraft and emergency response teams.
  • Do not fly your drone near people, vehicles, or buildings that you cannot control.
  • You should not fly above people unless you are granted a waiver.
  • If you don’t have a waiver from the aviation authority, fly during daylight hours, 30 minutes prior to sunrise or 30 minutes following sunset which is considered ‘twilight’ but you must have anti-collision lighting.
  • Do not exceed 400 feet or 100 mph.
  • Make sure that all video captured does not violate privacy laws.
  • Plan how you will handle problems such as sudden crashes or power outages.

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