Choose these easy knitting projects for a weekend

One reason that knitting is popular is that whilst there are complicated and time-consuming projects, there are also a range of simpler options to help practise your skills and potentially produce some useful items.


Often one of the first projects a beginner knitter will try, coasters are one of the smallest and simplest options. However, you can still be creative with stitches and colours.

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Knitting projects do not come much more practical than the dishcloth, although you will need to be careful with your choice of yarn.


This is another popular beginner project, long enough for you to practice your stitches but simple enough in shape to easily complete, with lots of colour and design options.


Of all the different types of hats that can be produced through knitting, the beanie may be the simplest, as well as being warm and comfortable.

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It is not only you who can stay warm with the help of your knitwear. A cosy for an individual mug is much easier than for a teapot.


Bookmarks are not the most typical of knitting projects, but they are small and can be as simple or as intricate as you desire in terms of stitches.


Another very useful way to stay warm, gloves can be intricate and culturally significant, but you can simplify, or make a fashion statement if they are fingerless.


Blankets may require more time and yarn, but they are still just rectangles. Make them with super chunky yarn, like that from Wool Couture.


You probably use pillows every day, and they are an essential part of your home’s aesthetic. Imagine if you could create one for yourself!


Not as difficult as it may first appear, making your own jumper will create quite a sense of accomplishment as well as give you something cosy to wear.

The options if you want to take up knitting are practically limitless. Choose your pattern and your yarn, then find the time and space you need to work. It does not have to be lengthy or complicated.

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