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Five RULES of interior design that you should NOT break

When you face a room as if it were a blank canvas, there are some rules that you should always respect. You will agree, however rebellious your spirit may be.

 # 1 Respect the architectural details  

If you are lucky enough to live in an old building with high ceilings and wonders of its construction era, it would be a crime not to take advantage of all the details that make it special. From a good original carpentry to the moldings, without forgetting the wooden windows, shutters with frills or floors of original tile, either hydraulic or marble. Locate the original elements of the house and respect them to enhance its charm by mixing it with modern design and decoration.

 # 2 You will always have a meter in your pocket 

When planning a space, it is essential to take measures and be very careful with them. Even if you think you can project a new design on your head because you have a privileged spatial vision, it is better to ensure and project on paper. Always use the subway before making a final decision. The strides to measure can bring you more of a shock once the furniture arrives home.

 # 3 Inspire yourself but do not copy 

And for that you have us (in our paper version and in our web version). Our purpose is to show the most beautiful houses in the world and to inspire the interiors of our readers. There is no creation if there is no research before, what has been done before? What is being done now? Choose some idea here and another idea from there and create your own version. Trying to plagiarize an interior will subtract personality and will never give a good result. It is a basic advice (as taken from cheap self-help manual) but … Be yourself.

 # 4 Break any of the established rules 

It seems incredible that this is one of the rules that you should not break but life is that ironic. If you want to win in your design, you will have to skip any of the established rules and risk. How can a bedroom can only be painted in light and neutral colors to breathe tranquility? Why should the table and chairs in the dining room belong to the same game? Who said that wallpaper is not a good option for a bathroom ?

# 5 Decide which is the focal point 

When you think about the new life of an interior it is very important that you look for a focal point that is capable of capturing the attention of all the first looks. It is about placing at that point the piece of furniture or accessory more showy, more striking, either by its size, color or design, but to call attention at first glance. The focal point can also be a large window or a fireplace if you are lucky enough to have one. Once the focal point is located, keep in mind that you must set the decorative pattern for the rest of the stay.

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