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The best 8 digital wifi thermostats

Now that winter is coming it is time to put the heating. If you want to save on the gas bill, I recommend having one of the best digital wifi thermostats installed . Oddly, they help reduce the gas bill significantly.

Wi-Fi digital thermostat Netatmo

It is estimated that with this model you can save more than 30% of the gas bill. This model can be programmed through Wi-Fi in a comfortable way.

In addition, you can turn on or off the heating with this model easily through the app that you can install for free on your mobile. So you can tell the thermostat to turn on or off the heating. You can also control it through the Siri voice system, which makes it one of the best thermostats on the market right now. And remember, it’s a very easy model to install despite having so many extras.

Honeywell digital programmable wifi thermostat

Another great power model that will not disappoint you either. Surely you will like it at a glance, thanks to the fact that it includes a very nice design. Do not forget that you can buy it in the wired version or in the wireless version. This will depend on your tastes and the needs you have.

Programming is one of the strong points, thanks to which you can do everything through the app that you will have to download on your mobile. You can program it on a weekly basis and make up to 6 adjustments per day. And if some day you get an unforeseen, you can modify it from your mobile anywhere. Everything very comfortable and easy. Model that we advise from this portal of electricians in Madrid .

Digital wifi thermostat with eco function

If you are looking for a cheaper model than the previous two, the truth is that this option will also come to you. It is true that the design is not so nice, but you will save money on the bill, thanks to the fact that it will allow you to save.

It has a range that will allow you to set the temperature from 5 to 35 degrees. The assembly is also easy and has a screen that will help you to make the configuration very simple. Remember, it can be used for electric heating, combi boilers or for normal boilers. Mind you, it’s not wireless.

Beok digital wifi thermostat with LCD screen

One of my favorite options for quality price. The truth is that it is very easy to configure and as expected, will help us save. It captures the temperature of the room very well, which is a plus.

The LCD screen is quite large. This means that you can see the information displayed on the screen without problems, while the energy consumption is minimal. Do not forget that the app is very well achieved. You can easily program it anywhere thanks to the wifi function and the mobile.

Oem System wifi digital thermostat

Before going into details, I want to make clear that it is available in white or black. Buy the color that best matches the decoration of your home.

As expected, the wifi version will allow you to have full control of the thermostat and program it so that when you are at home or you get home the house is at the perfect temperature during the coldest days. It has a precision of one degree and will allow you to have the perfect temperature in your home according to your tastes. It is another good option for the price you have.

Tado wifi digital thermostat

Another of the most professional thermostats in the market at the moment. I want to emphasize that it is one of the best sellers and the vast majority of opinions are really positive. And the truth is that it gives very good service.

Once installed you can control it from your mobile, computer … in a simple way. The goal is that you can be at ease in your home, while you have the security of being able to save energy while maintaining great comfort at home. It can be a good option for homes that have boilers or even for homes that have radial heating on the floor.

Welquic digital wifi thermostat

This model takes a couple of years in the market, but despite this I can assure you that it gives very good results and adapts to the most modern models. Of course, it has dropped a lot, so today has a very competitive price.

It is a model that can be embedded very well, so it will very well replace the thermostat that you currently have in your home. And of course, it will allow you to reduce the bill. It is much more accurate than analog. It is also easy to use through mobile.

Aube digital wifi thermostat

Finally I want to talk about a model that will allow you to adjust the heating to the temperature that you like the most from your mobile in a very simple way. It has a 3.2-inch screen and a precision of one degree that makes it very accurate despite being a low-mid-range model.

Not only you can configure it through wifi, but also you can program it in a traditional way. It has a memory so you can configure it in a maximum of one week. And all this with the assurance that the materials are of very good quality.


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