Laser technology uses
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Laser technology uses to allow remote sounds to be sent to the recipient’s ear

This laser technology uses to send sounds to the recipient’s ear. The whole system works through a laser that capable of sending sounds at a great distance to the receiver ear. Best thing is you can send the sounds without anyone else hearing it and without the need of a device to capture it.

This laser technology could revolutionize communication in all senses. Through a laser, sounds can be sent remotely to the receiver’s ear without the need for a device that receives these sounds.

This technique could be very useful in extreme situations in which communication is needed with only one of the people in the room or the place, for example in a kidnapping with hostages, the police could send a message to any of the persons held with a telescopic sighting device pointing towards the ear.

Laser technology uses

Thanks to this laser technology uses, messages could be whispered in the ear of only one person at a long distance without the rest hearing anything, and without the need for any special device to receive these messages. This innovation comes from the Lincoln Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) , and the main researchers in developing it have been Charles M. Wynn and Ryan M. Sullenberger, reports Voz Pópuli.

In the laboratory, they used laser light to reproduce sounds in a person’s ear with a precision that had never been achieved before. This system is based on the principles of photoacoustic, that is, the ability of a material to produce sounds after absorbing light.

Therefore a laser technology uses the water vapor molecules next to the recipient’s ear and makes them vibrate to produce sounds. This prototype works already up to 2 meters and a half away and can send different tones, recorded conversations, and even music.

“Our system can be used from a distance to project information directly into someone’s ear,” said Wynn. “It is the first system that uses lasers that are completely safe for the eyes and the skin to provide an audible signal to a particular person in any scenario,” the expert explained.

This system works in dry conditions because around people there is always some humidity. “We discovered that we do not need a lot of moisture if we use a wavelength that is strongly absorbed by water. This was key because the more absorption, the greater the sound, “said Wynn.

With the Dynamic Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (DPAS) system it is possible to change the length of the laser pulses to encode different frequencies by light.

Laser technology uses

The sound could have been sent from the distance

That is, the message only reaches the person who is addressed, and not to any other even if it crosses the light beam, but it is also possible to send several signals at the same time to different receivers.

At the moment tests have been carried out with a signal of 60 decibels and 2.5 meters away, but according to the researchers, it will be possible to send messages over long distances easily.

“There are a lot of exciting possibilities and we want to develop communication technology in ways that are useful,” Sullenberger said.

Therefore, this laser technology uses are convenience and it allows remote sounds to be sent to the recipient’s ear without the need for a device that receives messages and can completely change the way communications are sent and received.

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