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iLauncher Apk: the iPhone and iPad Interface on Your Android

Although I am a lover of the designs that Apple has implemented in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 after trying iOS for a while, I have concluded that Android is much superior in terms of functionality, aesthetics and simplicity.

That is why I think the idea of ​​trying to have the iPhone interface on our Android is absurd. I must admit that the idea of ​​being able to joke some of those Apple FanBoys friends seems amusing.

Download iLauncher apk.

Features of the iLauncher apk

iLauncher apk

The real aspect of iOS: One of the best reasons to download iLauncher for Android is to get the real look of the iOS device on your mobile devices and Android tablets. You don’t have to look particularly for iLauncher APK iOS 11 or iLauncher APK iOS 12 because a single application will do the job for you. If you don’t want to buy an iOS device but still want to have an experience of using one, you can consider downloading iLauncher for Android without thinking twice.

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Built-in iOS icon pack

Some Android launcher applications do the job partially. Sometimes you will need to download a startup application on your device and then you will need an icon pack to change the look of your device. The same does not happen with the iLauncher application, as it comes with everything, such as the theme, the launcher and the icon pack for your Android device to function as an iOS device. So don’t wait any longer and download the iLauncher APK today to enjoy iOS on Android.

Easy to customize

Once you have downloaded the iLauncher Pro APK download, simply install this application on your device and it will be ready. Everything will change automatically, from icons to animations, like an iOS device. However, if you wish, you can also change several settings of this initiator to make it work the way you want. We will not recommend it, but you can also apply the iOS icon pack to get the latest iOS icons.

Small size

Unlike other Android launcher applications, iLauncher is a very small initiator that will not consume much of your device’s storage and resources. To enjoy the latest features of this application and obtain maximum security, we recommend that you always use the latest version of iLauncher APK. In case a new update is published, we will inform you about it on this page and then you must download iLauncher APK from this page again and repeat the installation steps.

100% free and secure

Although the free download of iLauncher can be done from Google Play Store, there are many startup applications with a similar name available there. Therefore, it is always better to download iLauncher from an external website like us. Do not worry about anything because we have tried this file ourselves and it is completely safe to use. You will download the full version of iLauncher APK from this page that has all the functions unlocked.

Just imagining their faces to think that I have iOS on my Galaxy S10 and feel of the outrage that this can cause them makes me quite fun to try iLauncher, a theme for Android that allows us to mimic the operation of Apple’s operating system.

Among the features of iLauncher are the fluidity of the user interface, something that we do not see in other free options, and the possibility of interacting with the icons by moving them anywhere on the screen.

In addition, this launcher offers us a dock of favorite applications found at the bottom, a search page, folders, which are displayed in the iPhone style, shortcuts to your favorite pages and support for tablets in iPad mode.

To complete the joke, we can install iSettings from the same developer, an application that allows us to have the style of iOS in the settings section of our Android and suitable with iLauncher apk.

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