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What is the best color laser printer?

The color laser printers are really interesting and quality devices very practical and efficient to be able to print all kinds of documents, photographs, etc. Here we present a selection for you to review the best color laser printers available this year in the market.

Multifunction color laser printer

First of all we have selected a color laser printer that does not leave anyone indifferent as it is a high quality multifunction device that has a large number of different utilities such as the ability to copy, print and scan documents or send fax . It is also a very interesting laser printer that has WiFi and has a print speed of 18 ppm. Finally note that the memory of this first printer is 512 megabytes.

Color laser printer with WiFi

In the second place we have selected a color laser printer that has WiFi to work more quickly and efficiently but also comes with a photocopier, printer, fax and scanner. Interestingly it is worth mentioning that it is an ecological printer that implements a special system of long-lasting components that only need to replace the toner, so the costs are lower and spend much less. It is an efficient device capable of printing 26 pages every minute and is also very silent and can be linked to the mobile.

Color laser printer with LCD screen

In the third place we have selected a color laser printer that has a high quality LCD screen with which it is much easier and more efficient to work. It is also a printer that has WiFi and can also be linked with the mobile. This laser printer is compatible and works with all Windows operating systems.

Color laser printer with 2 gigs of disc

As we read in this guide of color laser printers , a very important feature of this type of device is that they have a good disk size and that is why we consider that this memory with two GB of hard disk is a good option. It is a color laser printer that has a graphic LCD that works two lines and has five different buttons to make it much easier and practical to operate with it. It also has an efficient LED indicator and provides professional quality printing results.

Laser printer optimal color resolution

The color laser printer that we present below is also a great option since it is a device with a maximum resolution of 2400 × 600 and is capable of printing up to 60000 a month. The print speed is 12 ppm and its input capacity of a total of 125 sheets makes it suitable for good results and speed of use.

High performance color laser printer

Also, the following color laser printer is a device that provides a very high performance but does not forgo giving also an optimal quality in your prints. It is a printer that is therefore very productive and economical, being a great option for companies and even homes in which many impressions are made every week. Also with this device you can print all kinds of documents without cables from a tablet or a Smartphone.

High speed color laser printer

Finally, our great experts have chosen a high-speed color laser printer that works optimally and is at the same time a scanner, fax, photocopier and printer. This device is capable of printing in color and also in black up to a total of 21 pages per minute.

How to choose the best color laser printer

In addition to presenting you the best models of color laser printers currently available in the market, here are some recommendations and interesting tips for choosing the color laser printer that best suits your needs.

First of all you must take into account the needs you have to assess if you really need a color printer. If you only have to print invoices or documents in text, without a doubt, a classic laser printer will suffice, but for other more advanced uses, color laser printers are the most versatile and efficient option.

From here, to choose a good color laser printer you should consider choosing printers that have different functions such as the possibility of scanning documents, copying them, receiving them directly from the Smartphone or tablet, etc.

You should also assess the way in which color printers control the paper since some printers only work with A4, but if you need a really efficient laser printer you must choose multifunctional devices with which you can even print A3 sheets.

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