Step by Step Guide To Performing Tantric Massage

Deriving from spiritual practices, the aim of tantra is to find balance and share energy between you and your partner to grow your bond and build up that deeper connection. A Tantric Massage London is an erotic experience that engages all of your chakras to awaken your senses and create a satisfying experience, helping your body unwind and stimulate your mind as you connect with a partner. The art of tantric massage is a great approach to sexual intimacy, joining energies and focusing on the sensations instead of the end outcome, engaging in each other’s bodies for a heightened experience. Once you are ready to perform a tantric massage for yourself, follow our step by step guide to get the most from the practice and master the art.

  1. Don’t rush the moment

The main aspect of tantra is time, giving you plenty of opportunity to connect with your partner and focus on the pleasure. Set up your surroundings to eradicate disruption, minimising the likelihood of any people or sounds disturbing your experience. Once you begin, ensure your body is fully relaxed so you can immerse yourself into the moment and embrace the full benefits.

  1. Start on the back of the body

To ease into the process, get your partner to lay face down on the bed and start by massaging their back, growing your confidence and setting the mood. Use your favourite oil and really take your time with this process, applying different pressures and reading body language to work around their desires.

  1. Switch over to the front

Once the time is right, move your partner onto their back so you can focus on the front of their body. They will already be relaxed and in the moment so use this time to concentrate on their sensitive areas, lightly teasing their body and brushing over the intimate areas while massaging each individual body part.

  1. Begin the lingam/ yoni massage

Now that your partner is aroused and the energy is flowing between you both, move onto the lingam or yoni massage to pleasure their body in completely new ways. The experience should not be about expectations, responding to their sexual energy to decide on your next actions and control their pleasure. If you are performing a lingam massage, break your focus down to five areas: the glands, frenulum, shaft, balls and perineum, maintaining slow and steady movements. For a yoni massage, gently stroke and tease the vulva, moving the pleasure and reading body language to see if you have permission to go inside.

  1. Don’t put pressure on the ending

The aim of a tantric massage is to pleasure the body and slowly control the arousal, building a deep connection between you and your partner. The end goal is not always a climax, elongating the experience and ending the massage whenever it feels right to do so, normally between thirty minutes and ninety. You should not see this experience as a lead up to penetrative sex; go with the moment and enjoy the new found energy you have created.

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