Common Things That Cause Havoc for Drains

Drains are vital to ensuring that our homes are clean and hygienic. When proper sewers were introduced in the UK, there was a huge drop in the number of people suffering from certain illnesses, and modern water treatment facilities help to keep us healthy and with a clean water supply coming into our homes.

However, sometimes we can have issues with our drains and when this happens, we need a professional like this drain jetting company to come and help out. Here are some of the most common causes of drainage problems…

Hair – When hair makes its way down the plughole, it can easily start to get wrapped up and form large blockages over time – particularly if you have very long or thick hair. Something that can help to prevent this from happening, is to brush your hair before you wash it, as this way you will get the hair out on your brush rather than sending it down the plughole.

If the water in your bath or shower is taking a long time to go down the drain, the most likely cause of this is hair blocking the pipe.

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Tree Roots – If you have trees in your garden or near to it, then something that you should keep an eye on is the roots – specifically, ensuring that they are not getting too close to your drain. Tree roots seek moisture underground and particularly when the ground is dry and there has been a long period with little rainfall, they could make their way into your underground drain pipes which obviously causes damage to them.

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Food Scraps and Fat – One of the biggest culprits of the fatberg problems that are plaguing many sewers in cities around the UK is the oils, fats and food scraps that are going down the drains. Over time, these can build up into large solid structures that can cause problems in the sewers and cost a lot of money to remove.

Food scraps can also build up bacteria in your own drains, which could result in a bad smell coming from them, so when it comes to food, make sure that you get rid of it appropriately, and try not to let it go down your plughole.

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