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The 8 best spy cameras

Do you think someone is entering your office without permission? Do you think thieves are entering the house and you want to find out who is stealing from you? Put a stop to these actions thanks to the best spy cameras of the moment. Some products that we have compared and analyzed so that you can always choose the best item, with a very cheap price, but with the quality you want.

Hidden spy camera for mobile

We want to start with a very interesting, compact model, with which you can record any strange movement in your home. It is a device that has Wi-Fi and infrared night vision, so that, if you enter at night, you can capture every detail and, above all, the face of the criminal because it has an HD quality.

It overlaps any metal surface, but you can also stick it to a piece of furniture so that nobody can see it. It has a viewing angle of 150 degrees, perfect, for example, to place on the lamp or on the ceiling. The images will be stored in a microSD or mobile phone so that wherever you are you can see what happens.

Spy camera bluetooth speaker

One of the best products for espionage we have in this bluetooth speaker that works and has all the usual functions in these devices, such as playing music, but also has an added, which is the power to monitor and record any image or video what is happening in the room is installed the speaker with spy camera.

The spy camera is rotated 180 degrees to facilitate viewing, being able to manipulate from a mobile application. The final price is very cheap for everything it offers and for the quality of the video it makes.

Wifi spy camera with light bulb shape

We find a light bulb that works correctly, giving light as any other would, so nobody suspects that it really is a spy camera with HD quality in the videos it records. It has wifi so you can connect by mobile to see what happens in your house while you’re away.

This product detects movement, so that, when something starts to move, it will begin to record so you can see it at once, being able to use a large memory microSD as storage. One of the advantages that you will have will be the one that has a fisheye lens to capture absolutely everything.

Water bottle spy camera

Perhaps, one of the most original spy cameras you will have in this list and comparative since, what seems to be a simple bottle of water, is really a spy camera that you can take to the street or even leave in a corner of the house to See what happens when you leave.

One of the strong points is that the bottle can be used as a conventional bottle, filling and taking it for a walk. It has the ability to add a card of up to 64 gigabytes so that all videos or photos are saved in it and then view them on the computer.

Wireless hidden spy camera

One of the most professional products that you will find is this, it is a small spy camera that can be adapted to any place you want, from a pocket, a vase or between books, as it is very thin and will go unnoticed.

It has an application for Android or iOS that serves to see what is happening live, very useful to take care of the little ones or if you think that someone is stealing you at work. It is charged by USB and has a large autonomy, also having other uses besides espionage. Its price is very cheap for the HD quality of your videos, so we recommend it.

Hidden spy camera mobile phone charger

Everyone has a mobile phone charger in the living room, in the room or in the car, but nobody could imagine that in one there could be a spy camera with HD resolution. This product is very camouflaged so that nobody can see what is inside, being able to charge the phone at the same time. Perfect if you fear that someone spies on WhatsApp conversations.

Thanks to the fact that a 32GB microSD can be included, you can capture a total of 6 hours of movement, since this product detects movement and starts recording, to save energy and also memory.

Mini spy camera

For those looking for a spy camera that gives optimal results, have this model with a resolution of 720 HD. Perhaps it is not the most resolution, since the rest promise 1080, but the sharpness with which the videos are taken and photos will leave you impressed.

This compact spy camera has the ability to control with the mobile, connecting you through an application to see at all times what is happening or if someone has entered the motion detector that comes included. Nobody will think it is a camera because it is very small and has a motion detector.

Camera to spy with WiFi

To finish we want to do it with this very cheap model, with which you will have a basic but very functional spy camera, perfect for any research task you want to do. It has an HD resolution with the ability to record images at night with infrared and night vision.

You can hide it anywhere, because it does not look like a camera at all, and being black, it camouflages much better. It detects and starts recording automatically if someone enters a range of 8 meters. Accepts only 32 gigabyte SD cards. To load it you will have to do it by means of a USB.

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