Three Ways To Combat Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is still a major problem around the world. Traffickers use fear and intimidation to kidnap victims and force them into sexual situations to make money for the trafficker. In many situations, it is hard to combat because people involved in sex trafficking are secretive hard to track down. Whether this is happening in your community or someplace halfway across the world, there are things you can do to stop sex trafficking.

1. Recognize the Signs

While it is not easy to spot, paying attention to your surroundings while you are in a public space means you can take part in preventing sex trafficking in your own community. Learn more about what sex trafficking looks like, and look out for your friends and family. Reach out to teachers, organizations trained to spot trafficking or police in your community if something is suspicious.

2. Give Your Money or Belongings

Many organizations work to combat sex trafficking, but keeping paid staff and spending the time and money necessary to find sex trafficking rings and bring them down is not easy. If you give money to anti sex trafficking organizations, they can continue to do the work to end sex trafficking once and for all. Some of these organizations require donations of food or clothing and some will even take your precious jewelry, furniture or other valuables to sell so that they can bring more money into their organization.

3. Give Your Time

If you have the time to engage in volunteer work, do it. There are so many different ways you can give your time to organizations that combat sex trafficking. You could help educate people in your community about it or even get involved in investigating potential sex trafficking rings. Reliable volunteers can be far and few, so leaning into the role of a volunteer for an organization like this can mean you are a part of saving lives.

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