Fashion accessories for fall-winter 2020-2021

Those who are fond of basics know it well, to give a trendy touch to a look it is enough to choose the right accessory. A bag, glasses, shoes, or jewelry can completely transform an outfit and turn it into a trendy look. So take note of what is most popular this season in terms of accessories and get the most trendy.

The 2020-2021 trends look to the past by revisiting mythical accessories such as the classic emblem pearls of the 20s, reviving the ladylike spirit of the 50s, and re-proposing the excesses of the 90s and the minimal aesthetics of 2000.

The fashion bags of autumn-winter 2020 2021

The trends in terms of bags propose us some XXL-size bags, ideal for the day-to-day of the most dynamic ones who want to always have everything with them, or alternatively, an extra soft maxi pochette. Another great trend is very ladylike bowling bags, a very practical alternative that is perfect for day and night.

On the maxi bags we will hang mini bags that become evening bags while the bowling bags will be carried on the shoulder during the day and by hand at night. These bags that owe their name to the bags worn by American bowlers are the most practical and this year they come with a marked retro aesthetic, very bon ton, here you will find a selection of various models to get yours. Fringes, padding, handmade fabrics, and trendy colors will make these bags the most trendy bet.

The fashion jewels of autumn-winter 2020 2021

Chains are being worn again and not just as necklaces. They will be a trend worn around the neck but also as bracelets on the wrists or ankles decorating the most fashionista shoes. And if you don’t like this type of 90s aesthetic and you prefer something more classic and refined, pearls will be your thing. They are worn around the neck in multi-strand necklaces or are even used as a strap for the trendiest mini-bags of the season. And as for earrings to dare with the maxi size, this winter they are the pure trend.

The fashion shoes of 2020 2021

The Mary Jane black worn with bright white socks is one of the most nostalgic trends of the season. Who is not reminded of his childhood? In addition to their most classic version, these great classics are reinterpreted in a contemporary key by climbing on heels, wearing jewels, and the fashionable colors of the season.

Another footwear that will continue to be a trend also this winter is the cowboy boots, very tall and very fashionable. In black or trendy colors for the most daring. Another footwear that we will continue to wear is military boots, combat boots had already been a trend last year and apparently, we will continue to wear them this year as a safe bet for more casual looks.

The fashion Sunglass of 2020 2021

At the point when it gets cold, we change our closet: we take out the sweaters, gloves, caps .. yet, there is one angle that doesn’t change, and that is the need to keep wearing sunglasses! Glasses in winter are fundamental as a rule and now they fill in as a defensive component for your eyes during the pandemic, and consequently, here is the line of sunglasses from Rag & Bone.

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