Different Jobs in the Auto Industry

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Some high school students have the opportunity to take an auto shop class in school. This type of class, whether in high school or a continuing education program, can be a great way for people to determine if they enjoy working with cars enough to make it their career. If they do choose to make it their career, there are a plethora of automotive jobs in the world today. You don’t have to be a mechanic either, there are a wide array of jobs in the industry that need different talents and skill sets.

Auto technician

Auto technicians can be thought of as mechanics’ helpers. They run a number of tests such as checking or changing oil, balancing wheels and checking the alignment, and other general maintenance that your car needs. With a job as an auto technician, a person would most likely work in a shop helping mechanics with routine maintenance on cars, or work at a business that specializes in one thing such as oil changes or brakes and tires.


Although a salesperson might not immediately strike your mind when you think of jobs in the auto industry, they are a key player in the business’ success. Without a person to sell cars, there would be no new cars for mechanics and technicians to work on. The salesman should typically know a little about cars so they can explain the product to their customers, but they do not the in-depth technical knowledge that a technician or mechanic would need. This job can be a great fit for someone who loves car and has an entrepreneurial spirit.

These are only two other options of the many jobs that are available working with cars and trucks. A person can almost always find a way to apply any skill they have to auto industry and get a great job.

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