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5 tricks to choose the right black suit

When we make the decision to incorporate a suit into our wardrobe or the label calls for a dark suit, we rarely consider black as an option. We prefer to go through the blues or grays in their entire range before going through the trance of the “waiter’s suit” (an absolutely wrong connotation, because in that case, we are talking about a uniform, not two-piece streetwear; Honest, uniforms never look good.)

How to choose a well black suit

Be very careful with suits made of certain fabrics with a shiny finish. Although it is true that there are some that incorporate it naturally due to its composition (and it is advisable to reserve them for the night), fast-fashion has made costs and materials cheaper, giving rise to synthetic glitters in which it is easy to fall (because it is a black suit “at a good price”). Therefore, matte finishes are yours if you want a dark suit for the day today.

1. The flap

A very simple way to raise a two-piece away from normality is to replace the notched flap with the one with a spearhead finish, much more sophisticated and arranged according to traditional codes. If, as in the case of Beckham, you still prefer the notch, choose lapels of standard size or slightly wider to refine the final look and move away from the rickety skinny lapel of recent years.

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2. Tieblack suit

In the same way as with the flap, keep the black skinny in the drawer until better times arrive and opt for the wide ones in silk or knitwear.

3. Buttoning

The usual, simple, and two-button, there is nothing wrong. Now, if you want to definitely get away from the “uniform suits”, choose the ones with crossed closure.

4. The basic

We are not referring to a type of suit, but to an essential rule that you must take into account every time you buy a suit: it must be perfect, that it does not look like you have borrowed it from someone else’s closet

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