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Tips to decorate your workplace

Did you know that decoration can help improve your productivity at work and reduce your stress and that of your colleagues? It does not matter if you work in an office or at home, then we give you a series of tips to decorate your workplace, which will help improve your mood and face your day to day with a positive attitude.

The office is one of the places where we spend the most hours throughout the day and it does not have to be a gray and apathetic place, just the opposite. Having a well decorated and cheerful corner can help us to face the working day in a different way, with a more positive attitude and a better performance.

Decorating your workplace does not have to be an individual decision either. The decoration positively influences our mood, which can help increase productivity and reduce stress levels, so it is not only recommended that you do it, but also your colleagues and so create an office with a much better environment.

This not only applies to those who go to the office every day, but also to those who work from home (teleworking is becoming more popular and companies use it more). In these cases, the decoration and the creation of a personal and relaxing space is even more important, because you have to know how to separate work from leisure.

If you do not create a well differentiated place, your mind will have difficulties to differentiate between both areas and will cause you more stress than necessary. We do not want that to happen, that’s why we give you some tips to decorate your workplace.

Have a good organization

Each person is a world and each job has a series of needs, so the organization of the table will be different for each one. The important thing is to follow a series of rules so that everything is in place and easy to find. That’s why it’s good to have some trays and filing cabinets to store all the well-sorted papers.

This simple decoration advice will save you a lot of time when it comes to finding what you need and you will also have a sense of peace and order that will help you relax in times of stress.

Place plants to improve productivity

Plants are not simply a decorative element, but there are studies that confirm their positive effects in workspaces. The University of Manchester proved that natural objects “allow easy attention, less fatigue and low need for recovery.” Not only plants, but also water, green spaces or natural light help increase productivity and creativity up to 15%.

For all these reasons it is advisable that you have a plant on or around the table and take advantage of all the positive effects they can have on your work performance and also on the rest of your colleagues.

Give it a personal touch

Do not forget to give it a more personal touch, so you can see that this office space is yours. Normally, the most used for these cases are photographs with your partner, children, family or friends, but it is not necessary to reduce it to just that. You can also use holiday souvenirs or other objects that bring you positive memories and have a beautiful story behind.

In short, the decoration is really more important than it seems and can help us a lot to improve our attitude and our productivity in the day to day of the office, either at work or at home. The important thing is that you feel that this place is yours, make it a little special with personal memories and add that green touch with the plants, which will help you a lot to reduce stress and improve productivity.

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