Top reasons to hire a virtual PA

Virtual assistants are a cost-effective choice for businesses compared to hiring full-time personal assistants. Let’s take a look at this and some of the other reasons to consider hiring a virtual PA.
Economical choice

Hiring a personal assistant has its benefits, but it costs a lot to hire a full-time employee. In addition to a yearly salary, you will need to factor in pensions and NI costs.

Hiring a virtual PA involves a monthly package rather than a salary. This means there is less commitment to the service at an overall lower cost. As virtual PAs work contractually, you won’t need to pay for hiring costs, holidays, or sick pay.

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Improved productivity

Hiring virtual assistants to handle everyday tasks increases your free time, which means you can work on more important tasks during the day.

Finding qualified assistants

Recruiting competent PAs can be difficult, as you may encounter prospects who are not proficient in their field. Hiring virtual assistants from a specialist such as ensures you only hire skilled help.

Many qualified PAs are becoming virtual assistants due to the role’s flexibility. This ensures there is a great database of candidates from which to choose.

Rewarding productivity

A study by Reboot found that workers spend roughly two hours procrastinating each day, which equates to around ten hours each week. Fortunately, hiring a virtual PA ensures you only pay for the time they spend working.

If your virtual PA takes an hour to write up meeting minutes, for example, you will only pay for the hour spent at work. Ultimately, you will have more admin tasks completed for a lower cost.

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Whether you hire one virtual assistant or a whole team, virtual PAs can support your business and help it grow.

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