how to paint over a dark color wall
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How to Paint Over a Dark Color Wall With a Lighter One

Last week, I was painting on dark walls in my home. I liked this dark green color, but after 8 years, I wanted to see a change. I chose a lighter and brighter color. I knew that when painting on a dark color with the much lighter paint, I should take another step in the painting process to make sure that when I painted the wall, the new color would not change for the dark green base. These are the steps on how to paint over a dark color wall.

How to paint over a dark color wall?


  • White paint
  • A small boat of black paint
  • A round bowl
  • A stick or similar item to remove
  • Water
  • A big roller
  • A small roller
  • A brush
  • Bodybuilder or painter’s tape.

All this material could leave you for about 50-60 dollars.

how to paint over a dark color wall

Steps to paint

To start painting on your dark wall and lighten it, you must paint the dark wall light color. Keep reading: Tips for painting your ceiling

1- Clean the wall with a damp cloth and remove all dust or dirt.

2 – Limit the area to be painted with masking tape to avoid staining fences of doors, cabinets, skirting boards, or the ceiling.

3- Also cover the floor with plastic so that it does not stain and remove the furniture.

4- In the round container, pour half of the can of white paint, add the amount of water indicated by the manufacturer and stir until mixed.

5- Add a few drops of black paint little by little and remove, the idea is that you start painting your wall not with white paint since you would not cover the dark color well, but with a more gray color. You have to create a grayish hue that allows you to kill the intense color. Move well with the stick, until it is perfectly mixed.

6- Without fear and desire, apply the first layer to your wall, you will see that you do not cover it in the first hand. Start at the corners, the skirting board and the areas near cabinets by applying paint with the brush or small brush and finish extending it with the small roller. Then apply the paint with the large roller where there is more wall surface.

Let it dry and apply a second coat of paint following the same process. You should apply on the same day. In the end, wash all the brushes and brushes with plenty of water.

7- When it has dried, apply the white paint. You will see that little by little, your wall has lost this intense color that bore you, and you can have a perfectly white wall. When it dries, you can remove all the painter’s tape and enjoy your work of art.

Some recommendations

When painting on dark walls with light colors, it is recommended to use a white base paint. If you did the opposite, paint with a dark or intense color over a lighter one, you should use a gray base paint.

Using a base paint will help you get the desired color when it dries and prevent a dark base color from turning off a light color or that a light base color prevents you from achieving an intense color. Using it also reduces the need to apply additional coats of paint to achieve full coverage.

When applying paint on the wall with a roller, do it in the form of large and wide “M” or “W.” When reloading the roller, be sure to do so on the inclined part of the paint tray to remove excess paint. This will help avoid roller marks in the paint finish. Let dry.

Add a second layer to the areas where you still see traces of the previous color through the base paint. Let dry.

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