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When is the Best Season to Put your House on the Market?

If you are thinking about getting in touch with a local estate agent like this Gloucester Estate Agents based company https://www.mwea.co.uk to sell your house, you may be pondering when the best time to do this is. In the run up to Christmas, the property market tends to slow a little as most people don’t want the disruption of a house move over Christmas.

Here is a guide to how the property market tends to behave throughout the year to help you make a decision on when the best time is for you to sell your home…

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Winter – In the run up to Christmas the market tends to be on the slower side. People who might be looking for a property will tend to put the search on pause until the new year. However, there are some people who are happy to buy in December and when you have viewings in December it is likely that these are people keen to move and who have serious intent of buying.

Spring – This is the time believed by many to be the best time to put your house on the market. The weather starts to improve, Christmas is out of the way, and people who were thinking about buying in the winter tend to start seriously looking in the Spring.

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Summer – The holiday period can cause the market to slow a little, however some will prefer to buy a property in the summer, as the long holidays and long days can help to make the moving process easier, and it means they can be in before winter.

Autumn – Early autumn is another good time to sell as many people are refreshed from their holidays and looking to buy a property that they can move into before Christmas. For many buyers, this is the last chance of the year to be in by Christmas so many will be wanting a quick sale too.

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