Some minutes for eyelids skin

Our eyes are our soul’s mirror, aren’t they? But one day you see not soul but eye-bags. Of course there are many various special creams against them but you’d better to use homemade means to take eye-bags away and to care about eyelids skin effectively.

The easiest way of eyelids skin care is to put sour cream on the skin under eyes and keep for 15 minutes. Then wash away with cold tea. Or grate carrot and put in the small gauze kerchief. Put then on the eyes for 15 minutes and then wash eyes with cold tea.

In the morning it’s very useful to make compresses from strong tea. Wet cotton tampon in the fresh strong tea and put on the eyelids for some minutes. Then wash the skin with cold water or clean the skin with ice-block.

Make light massage by yourself. With finger-pads you should carefully press skin above eyebrows, then on the eyebrows and then to direction from temples to eye-corners. Since 7 p.m. do not take water or any other drinks.

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