Claims Processing

Three Tips to Reducing Stress During Claims Processing

Being in an automobile accident is a scary situation. While some drivers go their whole life without so much as a minor fender bender, others have the misfortune of serious accidents that result in bodily injury, totaled vehicles, and long-term damage. If you haven’t been in an accident, you might not know how to handle the incident. Here are some tips for post-accident processes.

Claims Processing

1. Stay Calm

Always remember to stay calm following an accident. Even if there are injuries present among the victims, remaining calm can best help the first responders with processing the scene and offering help. Calling emergency services is the first thing to do, and you need to be able to share the important details of the scene, location, and condition of those involved.

2. Be Thorough

The police and other responding personnel will ask a lot of questions, and they will suggest medical care. Whether you feel like it or not, be thorough in answering the officers questions, and always seek medical help. If you need to hire an auto accident attorney in Orlando FL down the road, you will have the right documentation to support the case. Do not speak to the other driver or insurance company about the details of the incident; simply talk to the officer making the report. You will need the contact and insurance information of the other driver.

3. Stay in Contact

Following the incident, you will need to call your insurance agency and make a full report. They will want a copy of the police report and the contact information for the other parties involved. If you need medical care, be sure to keep the records and document your time off work and other information. If you have hired a lawyer, this information might aid in a stronger settlement in your favor.

By following these three simple steps, you can navigate the injury and damage claims process following a car accident. Drive safely and take care of yourself on the road.

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