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5 Original Bathroom Mirrors Ideas

If you are looking for a method to furnish your bathroom with style. Choosing the right bathroom mirror could be the solution. Are commercially available many types of mirrors able to adapt to both bathrooms in a classical style that modern bathrooms or industrial: you just need to know what to look for and identify which of the various solutions is one that could increase the value of your bathroom decor.

1. Antique style bathroom mirror

If you are a lover of classic style, you could choose a colonial-style bathroom cabinet with a mirror or decorated with an antique frame. You could also opt for a solution with integrated bathroom lighting on the sides. In line with the vintage style chosen. Particularly in vogue are the white lacquered frames, which retain the antique style but at the same time are also suitable in combination with classic but modern furniture.

A classic style mirror is therefore also suitable in combination with modern and elegant furniture: a correct combination could help make the mirror the undisputed protagonist of the room. In the figure, an elegant and at the same time space-saving solution. It is capable of enhancing every piece of bathroom furniture.

2. Space-saving solutions: the mirror cabinetBathroom Mirrors Ideas

If the space available is limited, the mirror can become a real piece of furniture. Choosing a bathroom mirror with the container or a bathroom mirror with a cabinet. You will optimize the space and get a storage area. Sometimes it is a choice dictated by the need to gain space in a small bathroom, but it can also be a stylistic choice. For example, you could take advantage of the make-up mirror cabinet, to contain your make-up. There are many solutions: the mirror cabinet could have a single or double sliding door. Or if you want a storage space that can be reached without directly touching the glass and risking dirtying it every time. You could choose a bathroom mirror with a shelf below or a mirror with integrated side shelves.

3. A backlit mirror

Mirrors with integrated lights are all the rage: you can find mirrors with bright frames or backlit mirrors on the market. It is an extremely modern solution, perfect for making the mirror even more geometric and linear. Avoiding the need for spotlights or wall lights to be placed next to the mirror. By purchasing a backlit wall-mounted bathroom mirror you will get perfectly diffused. And at the same time soft lighting, designed not to bother even the most sensitive eyes.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a mirror that is not already equipped with a lighting system. You could buy a wall lamp for the bathroom mirror separately and solve the problem.

4. Geometric mirrorsBathroom Mirrors Ideas

For a distinctly modern space, choosing a geometric mirror is a must! A round mirror in a minimal style, for example, goes perfectly with a linear underlying shelf and with a countertop basin. If the geometric shape of the bathroom is also taken up by the decorative pattern of the wall – with the use of colored and drawn tiles or even with shaped tiles – you could highlight this original stylistic choice even more.

5. Combination of several mirrors

If the size of your bathroom allows it, why not dare to combine several mirrors? This solution can be particularly effective even in the presence of mirrors with geometric shapes: in the figure, you can see the combination of several oval mirrors.

Alternatively, you could combine the mirror of the sink with an oversize mirror to simply lean against the wall, perhaps with a wrought iron frame: functional and elegant. This solution is perfect for modern and spacious bathrooms. However, the floor mirror could also be a useful element to conceal. For example, small storage spaces are hidden in the corners of the walls: a functional and ingenious solution!

If you are looking for a set of several mirrors already matched. Or you want to simulate the side by side of several elements without actually obtaining an excessively discontinuous reflected image. You could choose specially made geometric mirrors.

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