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Matte black nails are perfect for young women and for those no longer very young. Trendy in recent years, they never go out of fashion and can be made in different ways to match them to various occasions.

The matte black nails, in vogue in recent years, are much loved by women, by the youngest, and by those who are no longer very young. Some considered it almost extreme. They undoubtedly do not go unnoticed, suitable for the most particular looks but also for the more sober ones. More and more women choose black for their nails: with many shades or simple mattes, they never seem to go out of fashion.

Matte black nails, increasingly done with gel, are the symbol of sensuality and elegance in a woman. And on the other hand, there is no woman who does not take care of her nails, for a good self-image. While some color trends pass quickly, what never goes out of fashion is black. There is no season or period for this color. It is always suitable for any occasion. But let’s see what are the most popular ideas for matte black nails. How to combine them with the rest of the look, and in which situations it is better to wear.


Anyone who thinks matte black nails are gloomy because they are dark is wrong. In fact, the right color combinations can give magnetism and above all sensuality. For a perfect and luxurious look, you can add shiny shades, use matte glazes, use floral designs, glitter, stickers, acrylic powder, and combine different colors with black. Clearly, we refer to nails made with permanent or semi-permanent gel, long, medium, or short.

Here then are the most fashionable ideas :

Black and red: ideal color combination for both long and shorter nails. You can choose whether to give prevalence to red or black and you can create drawings: for example on a base you can draw over with black or vice versa. It is one of the most classic combinations also for what concerns clothing.

Black and white: another great classic and always in fashion, it is good for everyone, it can be said that it is the universal combination, sober and at the same time original. Also in this case you can create the designs you want. But it must be said that the zebra effect is the most widespread, wavy, with vertical or horizontal stripes. Sometimes, rhinestones are combined for an extra touch of light. Many women also choose the checkerboard design.

Black, gray, and gold: a perfect match for a special look that does not go unnoticed. You can choose whether to blend all the nails with gray and apply gold stripes on top. Or you can opt to make all the nails black opaque and leave the gray and gold for the index.

Classic French: even if the classic one is made with white. It can be made in two different shades of black. The base of the nail will be opaque and then the enamel is completely dry. We move on to the tips: with the half-moons, you can create the shiniest strip, which gives brightness to the opaque, without creating evident color contrasts.

Reverse French with silver or gold: it is the variant of the more classic French, which has recently conquered the nails artists. It is called inverse because it emphasizes the cuticular part. Sometimes, instead of gold or silver, flesh color is used to make sure that the regrowth is hidden (with black it is in fact very evident).


What are the ideal occasions to wear matte black nails? First of all, it should not be forgotten that the shape of the nail matters a lot, as well as its length. It is clear that a long pointed nail is more evident than a rounded or square and short one. Matte black nails look good in all situations and are out of season. However, some effects and combinations are more suitable for certain occasions.

The shaded with gray is perfect for long nails: according to the needs you choose the most suitable shade of gray, for the evening a brighter color is better. For short nails, the classic French is perfect.

On important occasions in which you want to be elegant without exceeding. You can opt for the glitter: Black base and a mix of light and panache on the top.

For a more gritty and sensual look, you can choose instead of the designs. Always on a matte black base, leopard, or polka dot in various colors.

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