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3 Questions You Need to Ask Your Tampa Car Accident Attorney

You can’t be too careful when looking for an attorney to represent your case. There are a lot of options out there. Not all of them are good.

If you’re concerned about finding the right attorney, this post will help. Keep reading to learn three questions to ask your potential attorneys before hiring them.

1. Are Car Accidents Your Speciality?

Ask yourself this: Do you want a lawyer who has never won a car accident case or one who works on nothing but car accident claims? The chances are it’s the second option.

Make sure to ask your Tampa car accident attorney whether or not they specialize in car accidents. They will have more experience than general attorneys who don’t work on cases like yours very often.

2. Will You Work on Contingency?

There’s no guarantee on how long your car accident case will take. In cases like these, you don’t want to pay an attorney by the hour.

The good news is a contingency fee can help. You’ll only pay if your attorney wins your case. They will get a percentage of your total settlement.

3. Will You Provide References

It’s hard to know how well you’ll work with an attorney with one meeting. It makes sense to talk to past clients to learn about their experiences. Check with an attorney to see if they can provide you with any.

When you speak with old clients, you can learn the ins and outs of working with an attorney. It will help you figure out if the way they work is a match for the way you want things done.

Don’t Jump Into Hiring an Attorney

You need to hire a good attorney if you want to win your car accident case. The problem is finding someone that can work well with you and still when. Ask the questions above so you can find the right person for your case.

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