Men’s Style – How to Update your Look and Feel Confident and Stylish

This time of the year, as the seasons change, is a good opportunity to clear out the wardrobe and update your style. If you have noticed that you have been drifting into a bit of a style time warp over the recent years, especially with lockdown and having no real need to go out, now is a great opportunity to give your look the overhaul that it needs and bring in a fresh new you.

When you look good and spend time on yourself, this can help you to feel good too, which is a great reason alone to update your style. So where do you start?

Clothing is not just something that is practical and functional but also a way of expressing yourself. There are many different styles, and it is a good idea to have a cull of your wardrobe before you go out shopping for new clothes. This means that you can get a good idea of what you need to update in your wardrobe, and you avoid over filling it with many similar items.

In fact, a lot of people find it easier to have a small capsule wardrobe where all the items can be paired with one another so you can make up many different outfits. When you go shopping for new items of clothing, particularly for a capsule wardrobe it is better to select a few high quality items such as Superdry menswear , rather than buying lots and lots of cheaper clothes – you will notice a big difference!

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As well as clothing, think about accessories. They make a lot of difference to an outfit and can make the same outfit look completely different. They are also a good way to inject little bits of your style into a more toned-down look for work for example. Things like cufflinks, jewellery and watches and ties and bow ties are all good ways to have some fun with your look and make your outfit stand out a bit. If you wear glasses, have a look at different styles and get some ideas on the styles that you like and the image that they give off – many opticians let you try frames on to see what they are like.

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Shoes are another important part of an outfit and should not be overlooked., They can really make a difference to how you look – for example an unpolished and tatty pair of shoes will be noticed, even if you wear them with an expensive suit! Have a look at the various styles of shoe that are available – sturdy boots are not only great for winter walks but are also a fashionable addition to a weekend outfit. Trainers and athletic wear are also enjoying popularity at the moment so spend some time looking at various styles of shoes and consider what sort you will need to suit your lifestyle.

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