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How to cook red currant jelly

Jelly is loved by everyone, regardless of age category, and gender. Children and adults enjoy delicious homemade delicacies. Of course, you can buy ready-made gelatin powder, pour water and send it to the fridge. But to make it yourself from red currants or other berries, you need to make an effort. Let’s take a look at the main gooseberry jelly recipes.

Recommendations for making jelly

Choose intact, edible berries. They must be resolved, excluding wrinkled and rotten. Then the currant is washed, dried, the peduncles are removed from it.

Gelatin should be made on dry and washed dishes. You should not use aluminum accessories, because, in the cooking process, they rust and harm health. Suitable kitchen utensils made of stainless steel, enameled, ceramic, plastic, wooden.

If you plan to spin the gelatin for the winter and use it for a long period, you need to prepare the glass jars in advance. They are sterilized, dried. After sorting the contents of the banks, the containers are sent to the refrigerator. Of course, it is allowed to store at room temperature, but the banks must be hermetically closed.

The gelatin is sorted by banks until it thickens because then the process becomes difficult and the content is quickly damaged. Therefore, after cooking, immediately pour the raw materials into pre-sterilized containers.

If you are cooking food without heat treatment, after cooking the gelatin should be frozen. To do this, do not send it in the cold immediately, keep the day at room temperature.

Red currant jelly on classical technology

  • Granulated Sugar – 950 gr.
  • red currant – 1 kg.
  • drinking water – 200 ml.

First of all, prepare the berries. Tidy, exclude all damaged and rotten items. Wash the currants with a colander. Remove the green twigs.

Prepare a deep container in which to treat with heat. It is better to choose a tank with a wide bottom so that the heating area is large.

Send gooseberries to plates and add water, send to the stove, and heat on medium power. The gooseberries should give the juice and begin to burst. When this happens, turn off the burner.

Filter the juice, squeeze the berries in a convenient way. Send the fruit in a colander with small holes, crush. Do not press the contents too hard so that the kernels and shells do not penetrate through the holes.

Now, in the juice, introduce the sugar, stir until the grains dissolve. Set fire, turn on the minimum indicator. Stir and simmer the gelatin until it thickens, as a general rule, it takes a third of an hour.

After a certain time, the jelly will be smaller in volume. Turn off the stove, prepare a clean container for bottling, packaged delicacies.

The twisting of the caps should be done immediately. After sealing, turn the treatment upside down, wrap it in an old veil or sweater.

Wait a day for the treatment to reach room temperature. After that, send the contents to the pantry or leave it in the refrigerator.

Simple gooseberry jelly

Granulated Sugar – 800 gr.

Gooseberries – 1 kg.

drinking water – 60 ml.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the berries for future manipulations. To do this, search, remove the stem, remove damaged copies. Wash the currants, leave them to dry on a sieve.

Transfer the main ingredient to a bowl and sprinkle with sugar for a quarter of an hour. Stir to make the sand a little wet. Pour into the water according to the recipe.

Send the contents in a saucepan to the fire, cook on low power for a quarter of an hour from the moment the liquid boils. Stir the ingredients constantly to avoid burning.

Now build an accessory: put a colander or a fine-grained strainer over the container, pour the current composition. Start pressing the berries with a spatula so that the juice flows out into the container.

When you squeeze out all the juice with the syrup, immediately pour this composition into clean containers and cover the lids. Turn the neck down, cover it with an old blanket. After one day, transfer to cold for conservation.

Uncooked Red Currant Jelly

  • Granulated Sugar – 950 gr.
  • red currant – 2 kg.

Sort, wash and dry the fruit. After that, send the gooseberries into the bowl of a blender and turn it into a homogeneous porridge. Grind the resulting composition through a fine sieve.

The procedure will help get rid of the bones. The output should be about 1 liter. currant juice Combine the liquid with sugar and stir for 8-10 minutes. The sweetness of raw materials can be adjusted independently.

Prepackage the composition in portions with an airtight lid. Please note, the container has to be sterilized in advance. Leave the jars for a day at room temperature, then move to the cold.

Such jelly is recommended to be harvested in large quantities for the winter. The composition fully retains all the beneficial enzymes that the body needs during the beriberi period.

Quick Red Currant Jellyred currant

  • Granulated sugar – 1 kg.
  • Gooseberries – 1 kg.

After sorting, wash and dry the berries, combine with the sugar, and wait a third of an hour. During this period, you can sterilize the container to twist it further.

Move the currants into a bowl along with the juice that stood out. Tomato on average plate power 5 minutes from the start of drilling. Stir constantly.

When the cooking process is finished, transfer the contents to a sieve and grind the introduced juice in a bowl. Pack in containers and pack with a can, cool for a day.

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