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When is the best time to buy a new car or used car?

If you are thinking that it is the best time to buy a new car, it is very possible that you have chosen the best time of the year to decide to do it. It turns out that there are a few suitable dates throughout the year to go to your favorite dealer to buy a new car. Also, the best time to buy a used car. So, whatever your option, we could say that you’re going to start the year on the right foot.

 best time to buy a new car

The best time to buy a new car

If you want to buy a new car, there are a few moments throughout the year that are interesting from the buyer point of view.

The month of January: it turns out that this time of the year is, surely, the most suitable to acquire a new car. If a dealership has not reached its expected objectives throughout the year, sometimes they usually enroll large series of cars during the month of December to release what is expected of the brand. It is a practice that in the motor world is known as self-enrollment.

The fact is that they are cars that have already been registered since last year, and that is waiting for the ideal buyer. As the dealer needs to sell these vehicles already registered before any other, you will have more chances to win by negotiating prices and purchase conditions. The only disadvantage is that the vehicles already have equipment designed by the brand, which you cannot ask them to alter.

At the end of each month: during the last days of each month a situation of “closing of the month” is given to the concessionaires, a small period during which a balance is made of the operations that have been closed and those that have not. During the last four days of a month, the dealer values that it has been regular or bad in sales. It is very possible that you can negotiate to get the best time to buy a new car or used car.

Late summer or early fall: these dates are when the new vehicles arrive at exhibitions. This means that the models of the previous year that have not been sold remain in stock and the dealers tend to lower them to give them an exit. In addition, if the new model does not include anything more than an aesthetic modification, you will get a car with benefits almost equal to the new one for a discount of the most interesting, and only by choosing the style of the previous year.

 best time to buy a new car

How to win the best time to buy a used car

At the time of going to buy semi-new cars, there are also a series of guidelines that you can attend to ensure that the purchase you make is the most beneficial and advantageous for your interests. The most normal thing is that we all choose to buy the car we like, but you also need to think about what is useful for you. Despite how important it is that a car enters your eye, it is more than you can take advantage of in your every day.

 best time to buy a new car

Here are some tips for getting your second-hand vehicle:

Fix the budget that you can spend

In order to make a suitable car comparison, you need to establish a maximum budget. It is the main condition of your purchase. For example, if you want a large car, but you do not have a lot of money, you’ll have to dig into the older models.

The type of car you need in the medium term

You should try to discern what you expect from the vehicle in the medium term, for a period of between five and eight years. In that time they can change details like the number of occupants that you have to transport and the space of the trunk.

 best time to buy a new car

The process of buying or selling a used car

When completing a purchase or sale transaction for a used car, it is necessary to carefully attend to the details of the procedures.

  • January is the best time to buy a new car or used car.
  • Check the car purchase and sale contract correctly.
  • Verify that the circulation tax is in order.
  • Pass the ITV for cars of more than four years.
  • Important modifications reflected in the technical card.
  • Check kilometers and seniority. Provide and review the maintenance book, as well as the invoices for revisions and repairs.
  • Verification of the Vehicle Registration in the DGT and check Vehicle Report that it does not have pending fines, liens or other charges.

Now that you know what the best time to buy a new car or used car is. Pass this information to your friends!

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