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Family-Friendly Features to Look For in Available Homes

If you have kids or plan on having them in the future, it’s important to choose a home that will accommodate your needs. Many families opt for floor plans that feature an open kitchen, so whichever parent prepares dinner can keep an eye on the little ones playing in the living room.


A backyard designed for kids can make a huge difference to families who want their children to get outside and learn through play. It can also make it easier for adults to spend time together outdoors.

Design elements that spark imagination are great for a kid-friendly landscape, from a curtained pergola that becomes a stage to a shed or sandbox where kids can create their hideouts. A treehouse is another exciting addition that will surely become a place where kids will make memories and have fun.

A hard court is a good idea for kids for outdoor games because it can be used for various sports from spring to fall and converted into a small hockey rink in winter. Backyard seating, like a lounge area with a plush couch sectional and fireplace, will inspire family bonding on summer evenings, especially if it’s sheltered from sun and wind by a pergola or a pavilion.

A low-maintenance garden with flowering plants and shrubs that attract butterflies and other wildlife is another way to introduce nature into a backyard. Backyard water features are also a must-have for many children, and a pebble fountain is an easy and safe option. Backyards designed for kids can be as beautiful as the interior of a home, with landscaping ideas that combine hardscape and plant materials.

Main Suite

If you’re house hunting with children, it’s important to consider how they will fit into the property’s existing layout. Look for open plans and clear sight lines. It will make it easier for parents to keep tabs on their children. You may also want to ensure your prospective home has enough storage space for baby clothes, toys, and strollers.

When viewing family home for sale in Katy Texas, it’s worth checking the main suite. The suite should be a tranquil place where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of family life and enjoy some quiet. The suite should be big enough to accommodate a comfortable king bed, a spa-inspired main bathroom, and a walk-in closet.

A mashup of English and French, the term “master en suite” refers to any BR with its bathroom. It’s different from a main bedroom suite, a larger bedroom with a full bath, or a dining room “suite” (matching table, chairs, and breakfront).

Real estate agents note that buyers in their market are increasingly seeking homes with dual master suites. This trend is in response to the growth of multigenerational households.


A kitchen that can handle the demands of everyday family life is a huge plus. Many families will cook meals together, so a well-sized center island with seating capacity is a desirable design feature. Kitchens with plenty of outlets to accommodate appliances and charging electronic devices are also necessary.

Providing plenty of storage for all the gadgets and tools that come with kids is another important consideration. It will ensure that all items have a place and are organized, making it easier for parents to keep things in working order.

Families will also want a lot of built-in shelving to store toys, books, and games. It will help to keep the home organized and clutter-free, which makes for a much happier family!

In a competitive market, homes with kid-friendly features are quickly snatched up. As a result, sellers should focus on marketing these features to attract the right buyers for their homes.

Listing keywords indicating nearby parks, playgrounds, and community pools are some of the most sought-after assets for family buyers. Homes with these amenities typically sell two to four days faster than expected, which isn’t surprising given that families often prioritize their children’s safety when shopping for a new home. Home designs that include a centrally located flex room are also highly popular with family buyers. This space can easily convert to a study, media room, or craft room down the road.

Living Space

A family-friendly living space is a central hub for gatherings, entertaining, play, and relaxation. When designing this type of interior, think of durable materials and clever storage solutions that keep toy clutter at bay. Also, opt for furniture pieces with rounded edges to prevent injury should kids run into or snag them on sharp surfaces.

Incorporate some of your children’s artwork into the home decor for a kid-friendly style. You can do this on a small scale by framing their art or going big with gallery walls filled with their creations.

Another great family-friendly feature to look for is multifunctional rooms that can shift with the changing needs of a growing family. This trend has been seen in the design of homes where formal dining and living rooms have given way to a more relaxed home office, media room, or even a second bedroom that can be used for an elderly parent. This type of flexibility is a huge draw for buyers seeking the security of knowing their home will grow with them, accommodating the next phase in life.

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