Reasons to use reclaimed bricks

Whether you’re planning to build a new home, an extension or in the middle of a renovation project, everybody likes to save money and still end up with a top-quality job. This is why you should get yourself to a reclamation yard, to pick up pre-loved items that are full of character, cheaper to purchase and are kinder to the environment. For bricks for Antique Fireplaces Ireland, visit Wilson’s Yard.  Here are some benefits to using reclaimed bricks for your next project:

Reduce costs

Projects can often get out of hand budget-wise. One effective way of lowering your outlay is to use reclaimed materials. A reclamation yard will contain a large selection of construction materials to help you keep to your budget and lower your overall expenditure. You’ll also find a wealth of other preowned items that could be perfect for your project, such as bathroom antique bathroom fittings or Antique Fireplaces Ireland.

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Every property owner wants to achieve a distinctive and unique look for their property. It doesn’t matter if your project is an extension, a new build or a renovation, we are all seeking character for our homes. By using reclaimed wood, tiles and bricks, we can add quick character as each vintage or retro piece of material has its own story to tell.


Buying new materials means manufacturing and the process of manufacturing can emit substantial amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. Government figures state that 44% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from the construction and building industries. You can do your bit by choosing reclaimed materials and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Reclaimed bricks have a certain prestige about them as they are less commonly available and more likely to have a distinctive appearance. The bricks will have a special appearance from ageing or weathering for example. It’s also a good way of getting unusual styles, colours or sizes of bricks that aren’t readily available in modern bricks.


There is a certain element of uncertainty when you choose reclaimed bricks. It may not be suitable for someone seeking a large amount of bricks as the sort you desire might only be available in relatively small matching batches. It is also trickier to determine the technical performance of bricks that might have been made hundreds of years ago. If they have been in a previous building for a long time, it is uncertain how much longer they will continue to fare well.

There is some peace of mind in the fact that reclaimed bricks are subject to tests and are categorised as suitable for specific purposes. If any of the bricks show signs of degradation, including cracks and breakage, they will be deemed unsafe for structural usage.



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