Benefits of vacations

Benefits of vacations in the village

Benefits of vacations-The holidays are a good time to travel and visit places. But also to return to our origins and allow us to enjoy a freer and more natural life.

When the school holidays arrive, the children jump with excitement. And the parents wonder what to fill their free time with. There are many and varied options available in which to use these days. But today we are going to tell you why the holidays in the village are one of the best alternatives for your children.

Importance of vacations

the Benefits of vacations

The rest and disconnection that the holidays suppose has important effects in the health. Both physical and emotional. Especially in the era in which we are living, in which children are required to be bright. And are imposed a kind of executive agendas. It is essential to give them back their ability to be children.

The vacations are that moment in which they can spend time with their parents. Reconnect with family and friends, be in contact with nature. Or simply enjoy free play and time alone.

During the holidays, the routines change and new and different activities are carried out. This helps children develop their ability to adapt to changing situations.

But it also benefits them when it comes to developing their tastes and their own personality. On vacation they can experiment and decide which activities they like best and which ones they like least.

In addition, holiday periods generate great excitement in children. So it would be appropriate to include them in the planning of the holidays.

What type of holidays are the most appropriate?

Given the diversity of plans that we can choose today to invest our free time. It is normal for parents to have the doubt of what kind of holidays will be the most beneficial for their children.

It is common for many parents to fall in the attempt to provide their children with opportunities. And experiences that they could not live. In this case. The parents will try to plan distant trips to different cultures and with different languages. They will want to cultivate the intelligence of their children through urban routes or visits to museums.

However, and although the variety is the taste. It is important not to forget the great advantages offered by a traditional holiday in the village.

  • Simple and relaxed life. In the villages there is no rush, stress or overcrowding. There are no pre-established schedules or anything planned. Time can be devoted to simple activities. And can be organized according to the desires at any time. Even doing nothing or sleeping a nice nap are the healthiest plans.
  • Contact with the nature. The rural environment allows to forget about traffic noise and pollution. Going into the field and breathing fresh air is really beneficial for health. And helps us feel better, because we release hormones of happiness.
  • Children are more free. Unlike the city, the town is a generally safe environment in which children can move more freely. It is common for gangs of friends to form and time is spent walking the streets of the town or the roads of the countryside. Without the constant supervision of an adult. This encourages the development of a personality of its own in children.
  • Healthier life habits. In the village the food is more natural, the air cleaner and the activities more healthy. It is an environment conducive to lead an active life physically, as well as to get away from the technologies and dedicate your time to social interaction.

Other benefits of vacation in the village

  • Human warmth Anonymity is practically non-existent. In a village everyone knows you, greets you and stops to chat with you. In addition, people are more willing to help and be available to their neighbors. It is a kind of big family that you know you can always count on if you need it.
  • Free play. Children in the villages entertain themselves in a thousand different ways. They develop their creativity, their interests and their ability to solve problems.
  • Feeling of familiarity. The summer or spend the holidays always in the same place generates a regularity that the children find enjoyable. Returning to familiar places makes them feel safe and allows them to develop bonds of friendship that will linger in their memory as pleasant memories.

Top destinations to escape on vacation

Travel the world without leaving Madrid. That was exactly what we experienced, one more year, at the Fitur fair. It is one of the most prestigious tourism fairs worldwide and every year it is gaining more prominence and international projection. A real pride to see how well our country works in this sector, the stands of the different autonomous communities were full of activities, culture, cuisine and more than desirable plans to travel without leaving our country. The destinations Top vacation to travel around Spain and the world are more than appetizing. The tourist offers do nothing but multiply.

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