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Why Carpet Cleaning Needs To Be A Priority For Your Business

You wouldn’t go long periods of time without cleaning the carpet in your home. So why would you do it with the carpet at your place of business? It could even be argued that your commercial carpeting needs to be cleaned more frequently than your carpet at home because of the elevated increase in foot traffic on a daily basis, not to mention the amount of people your dirty carpet could affect.

When your long lasting carpet remains dirty and neglected, you are putting the health of you, your employees, and your customers and vendors at risk. A dirty carpet can harbor all manner of allergens, pollutants, and contaminants that accumulate and become released into the air when they aren’t eliminated by a vacuum or a deep clean by your local expert carpet cleaners.

In fact, carpet is a great addition to any office space or professional work place. It not only offers a professional appearance but helps to dampen noise pollution from outside and helps to trap the impurities that can reduce the air quality of your work space. They work as an air filter of sorts, trapping these unwanted items instead of allowing them to get circulated throughout the building into the HVAC system.

But your carpet can only do these things if you clean it routinely. Otherwise, you are creating an even larger potential hazard to the air quality of your business.

Consequences of a Dirty Carpet

The most pressing concern of coming to a workplace with a dirty carpet every day is that it can pose significant health problems for your workforce. Negative effects on the health and safety of your employees can have a direct impact on productivity. A reduction in productivity will hurt your bottom line no matter what industry your business is centered in.

But you need not worry about such impacts if your carpet is cleaned professionally and well-maintained between cleanings. Most office buildings have a maintenance crew who enters each suite or unit and empties the garbage cans, vacuums the carpeting, and does basic maintenance of the space.

This is good and very helpful for eliminating surface contaminants that are lying on top of the carpet fibers or wedged in between at a shallow level. A vacuum cleaner is going to have a much tougher time with the allergens and impurities that are buried deep within the fibers due to heavy foot traffic. Now it’s true that many professional carpets don’t come with very long fibers, the soil can still get in and even stain the carpet.

This is particularly true in the winter months, when snow and ice are on the ground and salt is used to melt these hazards along streets and sidewalks. When shoes and boots walk in from outside and track that salt in across your carpet, it can be very difficult to remove those stains. The quicker you act to remove the salt, the better off you will be for avoiding a stained carpet.

A carpet that is allowed to remain dirty for lengthy periods of time can also become damaged as the dirt and grit that gets walked over repeatedly can start to cut into and physically damage the fibers of the carpeting. That damage is irreversible and it will start to reveal itself as dark spots in the carpet surface., so the carpeting will look constantly dirty and unkempt.

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