What to Know about Tool Life

Tools and machinery are an essential part of any production and manufacturing process, whether that is in the production of automotive parts, medical instruments and equipment, kitchenware or construction and infrastructure components. They allow speed, accuracy, precision, and high volumes of output.

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Tool Life

The efficiency and productivity of a machine are decided by the tooling which the machine uses. Underused tools represent poor value for money, as their lifespan is finished before they have been made use of. Conversely, overused tools result in wear and tear, and contribute to downtime and decreased productivity.

Tool life relates to how useful a tool is and is determined not only by lifespan but by how productive it is during that lifespan. Cutting rate, workpiece hardness, tool materials, feed rate, and cut depth are all factors which influence tool life. Tool life can be improved by using a cutting liquid, utilising optimum speeds and feed, and the avoidance of recutting chips.

By monitoring the tool life of your equipment, you can accurately assess how well it is providing value for money. You can also evaluate how to avoid catastrophic failures, reduce downtime, maximise tool life, and produce products that are of a high quality and finish.

Tapping Machines

A tapping arm is a piece of machinery that facilitates the threading of holes in metal parts and machinery. It is a precise tool, allowing the user complete control over placement. It is used in large-scale metalwork operations for precision and speed.

Roscamat tapping machines are the world’s leading model. They use torque control tap adapters that reduce or eliminate tap breakage, thereby increasing the tool life of the machine. They come with a 1-year warranty and the construction and robust materials are designed for a lifetime of use. For more information on the supply and installation of Roscamat tapping machines, visit a specialist supplier such as

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Your machinery is only as effective as the tools that it uses. By investing in high-quality supply and installation, you are committing to standards of excellence in terms of lifespan and productivity.

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