how to start a car without a key

How to Start a Car Without a Key

Some people suggest cutting wires, breaking the cylinder of the ignition switch and the like, but all these end up damaging something, while here I will show you how to start the engine of any car doing it in a very technical and simple way that will save us headaches In case of losing our keys or in case the ignition switch or switch has been damaged. So, we have prepared a guide on how to start a car without a key.

How to start a car without a key?

With the foregoing background in mind, it is easy for us to start a car without the keys, regardless of make or model of vehicle.

The ignition switch has at least 5 wires:

  • Red wire: 12V battery
  • Red-yellow wire: Battery
  • Red-white wire: Basic circuits Brown
  • Wire: The instrument panel and computer / ECM or ECU
  • Yellow wire: Starter motor

how to start a car without a key

The procedure for starting a car without keys consists of:

Attach with a METAL clip or wind a piece of network cable – about 10 cm, the contact of the red 12V cable with the brown of the instrument panel and computer, the blue line of the photograph represents the network cable.

With a small coin – 1 cent for example, the yellow and brown terminals are joined for 1 or 2 seconds until you hear the starter motor start and the car engine starts, AND THAT’S IT !!!

When you connect the terminals with the coin, a spark is produced by the high current of the starter, but it is not dangerous or frightening.

It has not been necessary to damage any element or cut any cable, the 10 cm piece of network cable must be passed through the red and brown terminals so that it remains in contact, it can be removed at the end of the vehicle.

This is valid for starting the engine, but you must be sure that the steering wheel does not lock to move the vehicle safely, or you can remove the cylinder from the ignition switch: Change the ignition switch, and use a lock on the steering wheel lock, in this way it is safe to move the car without keys.

You need to understand how the car’s ignition switch works in order to start the engine easily and safely.

Instrument panel power

By inserting the key into the ignition switch and turning it to the position I, a lock – if the vehicle has one – is released and allows the steering wheel to turn freely.

When the ignition switch is turned to position II, the instrument panel warning lights come on – check engine light, oil pressure light, battery light, handbrake light, and more. This action also energizes the vehicle’s computer / ECM or ECU, triggering a series of events that are necessary to get the engine ready for the start.

From the moment we inserted the key into the ignition switch and turned it to position II, it took just 1 or a maximum of 2 seconds.

Starter motor drive for a couple of seconds

Position III of the ignition switch is short – between 1 and two seconds to activate the starter, once the engine is started we release the ignition key and the key returns to position II, where they are kept energized with 12V all vehicle circuits.

To avoid theft of the vehicle with systems similar to the one described, I have devised an anti-theft alarm-system for less than $ 1, because in this way we avoid that the car can be started without our consent.

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