The Dangers of Driving in a Storm

The dangers of driving in a storm are numerous. Heavy rain and winds reduce visibility. Lightning can strike at any moment and can be deadly. It’s also important to remember that a thunderstorm can also cause damage to vehicles and especially if there are high winds and flying debris. It’s therefore imperative to stay in your vehicle, pull over if possible, and use extreme caution. If conditions are forecast to be very bad, it is worth delaying your journey entirely if possible.

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Although you should avoid driving in a storm, it is important to take necessary precautions. Be sure to drive slowly and carefully. Remember that your car will be affected by stormy conditions. Moreover, it might be slippery, with deep puddles and strong wind gusts. You should remember to increase your distance from the vehicle in front and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety and that of other road users. Also consider the presence of road workers and associated traffic calming measures or restrictions and adjust speed accordingly. These will be visible with the display of Chapter 8 Chevrons. Find out more at

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A storm can have many different hazards. A hail storm can dent your vehicle, so slow down and pull over if you can. The same goes for driving during a heavy rainfall. You can also become blinded by lightning, which can hit trees or power poles. Additionally, your visibility may be reduced, making driving during a storm more difficult. The dangers of driving during a storm are numerous, but if you are aware of them, you can be prepared.

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