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Long dresses: a great ally in spring

Long dresses-We are at a time of the year when there are important temperature differences both during the day and between two successive days. One day the heat takes us to wear summer clothes and the next; we need closed footwear and a jacket to complete our outfits.

Great allies during spring are long sleeve dresses. We can combine them with boots and a raincoat to face a rainy day and choose sandals on the sunniest days. You will not have to change your plans regarding the wardrobe if you change the time, just adapt your accessories.

At the beginning of spring the temperatures are still fresh at the beginning of the day and not so hot at the central hours as to be on a sleeve. Hence, long sleeve dresses become the best alternative at this time of year. Combining them with boots and a raincoat we will be ready to face the day.

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Long dresses: spring looks

best long dresses

The dresses with animal print in neutral tones are timeless; perfect for this time of year. However, if you prefer to give a more spring style to your outfits, bet on white dresses in Ibiza style or floral print is always a success.

Long dresses spring

When temperatures rise, you can replace the booties with sandals. You can also choose dresses are sleeves that help you deal with high temperatures. This year the dresses in warm tones like reds, oranges and yellows will take a big role along with greens and roses.

Another way to combine long dresses is with shirts. It is the most comfortable option, without a doubt. Perfect to tour the city at sunset or explore new places. Choose for it feminine designs with marked waist, tight knit dresses or straight designs baggy in bright colors.

Fantastic long party dresses

Birthday parties or special occasions are the moments where long party dresses are needed , clothing that, however casual the occasion, we take a few minutes to think about what would be the best option, the best alternative to dress and not we must neglect no single detail.

Today we have thought of you and we will try to make the task a little easier when choosing the perfect dress that will accompany you that day of festivities or celebration to which you attend. We have the best long party dresses which accompanied with the right accessories will make you feel the center of attention and the most beautiful of the place.

Styles and femininity in the wardrobe

Today we have an interesting topic on the agenda. Now all kinds of courses and seminars on the development of “women in themselves” are very fashionable. But after all, femininity is not from birth. This is mainly the behavior, the emotions and the feminine style in the clothes.

What can you give as an example? Well, let’s say, this is vintage and romance. What is the nature of these styles? Now we consider this problem in more detail:

  • These styles, emphasize and emphasize: waist and chest.
  • Different patterns are used: birds, butterflies,.
  • The fabric is used more frequently: silk, velvet, satin and lace.

In a similar way to women’s clothes, the dresses of the Orient, tunics with beads, blouses with bright threads, etc. can be attributed.

Colors for women, regardless of age: red and pink, pearly and shiny. At night, you can add and black color. But not during the day. For the black color it gave you a mystery, you must use it correctly. At the right time and only in the female tissues.

Who are these sets and who is not? For women with a male figure, and for thin ones, you can choose a sleeveless outfit, the pyshnenkie skirts will give a circle to the hips, and the bows and jabos will increase the chest. Pyshechkam, on the other hand, is to moderate his ardor. They are more suited to the style of men. Now consider them in more detail.

Business style

These costumes do not divide employees into categories. Therefore, such a style can only be sustained by a super feminine woman.

Military, Gothic

This is more like a style for youth, an overwhelming femininity. Shady sets and accessories. In adult women, it will look ridiculous, but not feminine at all.


This style, very fond of women. This brings romance and the sea. Although it has nothing to do with our subject, it is more likely to be closer to the sport.


The main thing here is comfortable and comfortable. Especially beautiful dresses in this version.


This style for fans of outdoor activities. The main thing in this clothes and shoes is the comfort of wearing.


This style evokes the idea of ​​adventure. The fabric here is rough, the pockets are large. This attire is only for those who wish to awaken masculinity in themselves.

The high rates of living and the bustle of the megacity led to the fact that many of the good sexual relationships lost the desire to be female. But still, the natural essence has priority over the acquired habits, and the desire to please men seems natural enough. How can you demonstrate to others the fragility and helplessness of an emotional nature? A good help in this will have a feminine style in the clothes. With the help of a competently designed wardrobe, one can organically express the natural qualities of a character.

The components of the female

It would be wrong to believe that to achieve the goal of a modern girl it is enough to grow long hair, wear a dress and shoes. These actions alone are not enough, fashion is distinguished by a rich palette of colors and a variety of styles. Therefore, the impression that the lady produces on others depends on the silhouette, shape, proportions and color of the chosen things.

The feminine style is a very relative category. This concept consists mainly of ethical parameters and psychological attitudes reinforced by material elements. Therefore, when it comes to the femininity of style, most of the time it means the ability to form a wardrobe according to certain rules:

The long-term studies of fashion editions allow us to draw certain conclusions about the preferences of men. Of them it is clear that the strong half does not approve long skirts which hide female feet, bright colors, variegated colors of a cloth, rough shoes.

At the same time, most men like knee-length dresses in small flowers. Admire the female legs in the shoes of the boat in the hairpin. And the lips painted in bright colors and natural makeup easily stimulate a man’s imagination.

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