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Warm winter colors for children’s clothing in winter

We are approaching the beginning of winter, it is a time when the color palette seems to fade to give way to cold tones such as ice blue, makeup color, or gray. Both in our clothes and in that of our little ones. The use of these colors added to the rain and cold of this time can also affect in a certain way the mood of our children.

For this reason, today on Dona Carmen’s blog we are going to give you some tips to use warm colors for children’s clothing in winter, and in this way fill your wardrobe with life and warmth in the coldest season of the year.

Although winter invites us to use more muted colors than spring or summer, this does not mean that we cannot continue to use warm tones adapted to the fabrics and textures of this season of the year.

Look for shades a little darker but warm

When we think of bright and warm colors, the first shades that come to mind are red, orange, or yellow. In summer these colors combine perfectly with the intensity of the sun and the light that we find throughout the day. But in winter, with the decrease in the hours of sunshine and cloudy days, these pure tones can make our little ones stand out too much and create the feeling of being out of place.

However, with a small change, we can adapt these colors and make them great allies when it comes to renovating our little ones’ wardrobes. If we opt for darker tones of all of them, such as ocher, tiles, mustards, or garnets, we will find the ideal colors to give warmth in winter.

This season on our website you will find beautiful collections in which these tones are the protagonists. For example, the Brique collection made of brick-colored corduroy is perfect for creating the most beautiful outfits this winter, you can combine it with our mustard-colored Pop and Croll sweatshirts to find the perfect look for the park afternoons, as you can see.

Get inspired by nature

If we look at natural landscapes these days, what colors do we see? It is true that cold colors such as grayish browns or greens may predominate, however, we can also observe touches of maroon and red colors given by the wild fruits and leaves of winter, such as holly berries, or poinsettias so typical of Christmas.

Garnet is one of the most beautiful and elegant colors when it comes to dressing our children in winter. This is the reason why you can see on our website beautiful items of this tone such as sweaters, jackets. And cloth coats in Hermes red and garnet like the Volante model.

This coat combines maroon cloth with small details edged in navy blue. You will love how this coat fits the little ones! with its classic style it is ideal to accompany the most sophisticated and elegant looks.

Dare to mix!

One of the best ways to create the outfits of our little ones in winter so that they are neither too sad nor too intense is to mix muted and cold tones such as the color palette of grays and blues, with warm colors that we have talked about about about previously. We assure you that you will love the combinations that we propose below:

Maroon and blues:

Although at first glance we may think that these tones are so different that they could not look good in the same outfit, the truth is that they marry perfectly. For example. Our blue cork collection with a beautiful floral pattern in which light blue and navy blue tones can be appreciated combines perfectly with the Ruffle coat that we have told you about before in this article. Don’t you think so? Take a look at our Lavender look!

In the look, you can see that the romper is combined with our Venice jacket in navy blue. And to its right is the Jesus in combined with the coat in maroon. Isn’t it ideal? This combination of colors makes both colors stand out more, on the one hand, blue gives prominence to garnet. And this makes us see all the shades of blue at a second glance.
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Grays and mustard:

Another combination that can shock us at first, however, can be one of the happiest of winter. And it is that the mustard color subtracts the coldness from the gray color. Giving it a touch of joy that will also be reflected in our little ones. This combination is present in our Bouquet collection. The background of the garments is a beautiful pearl gray dotted with brushstrokes in mustard and ocher tones in the floral print.

Do you want to know a secret? The corsage family of garments stands out, even more, when we combine it with accessories such as cardigans or socks in mustard color. Discover our  Bouquet look to convince you!

Skin and red tones:winter colors

This combination is one of the most flattering of winter. Do you want to know why? Skin tones are the perfect canvas on which to apply brushstrokes of warm colors such as reds. Although at first, the image comes to us that pinks and reds do not combine, the skin tone being duller. And softer than pink is perfect to accompany reds.

This mixture is the one that is present in our Teresa collection made up of Jesus. And a floral print romper and honeycomb details in red and maroon tones. You will not be able to resist getting it for this Christmas! Also take a look at our Christmas III look where we combine it with another of our favorite coats this season, the Tulipan model.

In short, warm colors can bring us a certain joy on days that due to the clouds or the cold can make our mood a bit sad than usual. Do you dare to start using these color combinations? We hope you liked our post on how to use warm colors in children’s clothing in winter!

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