Key interview words and phrases
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Key interview words and phrases for a job interview

Few things that make you nervous, a job interview is one of them. It seems so terrified to have to sit down in front and talk about yourself with a recruitment agent. It’s something that 99 percent of the people have gone through in a job interview. But do not worry! With a little practice (and some key interview words and phrases), you can do your job interview leaving with a good impression as having a ice cream on a summer day.

Key interview words and phrases

Key interview words and phrases

To help you prepare we have compiled some useful phrases that cover the topics most often treated in a job interview: your personality, your strengths, your experience and of course, the reason you want the job.

Describing your personality

When you sit down with the candidate, the interviewer (your potential boss) wants to know if the interviewee will fit into your team or not. So it’s time to show you who you are and why you are the most suitable person for the position. These are some of the adjectives you can use.

  • Easy to carry: a quiet person with whom it is easy to get along
  • Worker: someone who works well and is not lazy
  • Committed: loyal to a project or a person
  • Trusted: someone you can trust
  • Honest: someone who tells the truth
  • Centered: someone who does not get distracted easily
  • Methodical: someone who pays attention to detail and works logically
  • Proactive: someone who takes the necessary steps to do the tasks without supervision

You can say: I am easy to carry, or I am an employee/worker easy to carry.

If you want to emphasize it, add very, extremely, really. (“I’m a trustworthy person.” “I’m a very focused employee.”)

Key interview words and phrases

Describing your strengths

Your interviewer will also want to know what you are good at. Why? Because you are a candidate for a job that requires certain skills, so it’s time to explain what you do well.

These are some of the positive qualities and skills that companies seek:

  • Organization
  • Multitasking capacity
  • Deadlines
  • Problem resolution
  • Good communication
  • I work in an international environment and with people from all over the world
  • Speak languages
  • Enthusiasm

You can use key interview words and phrases such as: I am able to work in multiple tasks/work under pressure/work respecting deadlines, or my strength is my ability to solve problems/my enthusiasm/my command of English, etc.

Describing your experience

If you have had a job before, you will have valuable experience for this new position. Depending on the type of job you are interviewed for, it may also be important to highlight your studies.

These are some of the phrases you can use:

  • I have five years of experience as a waiter/seller/teacher
  • I worked in retail for seven years and I was promoted to responsible the second year
  • I studied at the University of Queensland
  • I worked as a lawyer for Anderson and Associates

You have to be prepared to go through and explain the main points of your curriculum. Take the opportunity to develop your resume and give more information.

Describing your objectives for the future and why you want this place

This is the time to tell the interviewer why you want the advertised position. Maybe you want to gain experience in your field, learn a specific skill, think you can fit very well in the company or is a company that you respect in the sector.

Key interview words and phrases

These key interview words and phrases can help:

  • I am trying to learn more about hotel/hotels, as a child care worker/about preschool education
  • I want to boost my professional career in physiotherapy/as physiotherapist, in administration/as administrative, in retail/as brand manager
  • I think your company is very important in this sector
  • I think my skills fit perfectly in your team and that I can contribute with…

It is very important that you emphasize the latter. You will have to convince your interviewer that you really want that position. Do not exaggerate, of course, but be sure to make that point clear.

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