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Benefits of Relaxation. Part 1.

A person is in a state of relaxation when his body and mind are calm and he doesn’t spend any energy, like on the picture. It is relaxation. As every human activity uses stored energy, relaxation is necessary for good health and peace of mind. Without rest and relaxation the mind becomes overloaded and exhausted.

But what does proper relaxation mean? It is much more than just lying still like a vegetable in front of the television, it is a state of awareness within the body. It is Nature’s method of recharging. And yoga shows a person a right way to achieve the perfect state of relaxation.

Exercise practices promote to enhance the body’s energy, but this does not get any benefit if a person keeps the body in stressful condition. Sometimes people train their muscles to be so tense that they cannot relax them even at night, keeping a constant energy tension.

Also, when people constantly take some stimulus like coffee, tea or cigarettes, their mind becomes strained and exhausted and can’t rest. When people worry they are wasting more energy than physical work, energy stores can be depleted. Mental fatigue often entails wear-and-tear of the body as well. That is why it is so significant for the mind to relax each day and recoup its energy.

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