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Xzibit Net Worth, Biography and Lifestyle

Whether in front of the screen as a television presenter, or behind the microphones as a rapper, Xzibit (September 17, 1974) is an American artist who gained notable fame during the 2000s. His musical collaborations with Eminem, Alice Cooper, and 50 Cent became radio hits in several countries of the world. Therefore, if you are a rap fan, you can’t stop reading Xzibit’s net worth and biography. Let’s get started!

Xzibit net worth and biography

Xzibit net worth counted 3 million US dollars. But the American rapper faced economic problems and bankruptcy. He earned more from the album Speed Of Life. His musical style is based on the sounds of the so-called gangsta rap, a genre that derived from hardcore rap. In which the songs have lyrics with high sexual content and controversial themes.

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Under the name of Alvin Nathaniel Joiner IV, this rapper was born in the city of Detroit on September 17, 1974. As a single mother, Alvin grew up in a decadent family environment with his four siblings outside of Detroit. His father’s absence markedly marked his life, so from an early age, he adopted an irreverent character.

After the death of his mother in 1984, the rapper was forced to live with his father – with whom he did not maintain a good relationship – and moved with him to the state of New Mexico. In this new destination, Xzibit – a name he would adopt after his arrival in the city of Albuquerque – had a couple of meetings with the law on drug use and smuggling.

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Due to the rapper’s irreverence, his father sent him to live with his sister in Compton, California, one of the precursor cities of the rap genre in the United States. While there, Xzibit continued his bad wanderings and became part of a gang that led him to remain in jail for 4 months.

xzibit net worth

Curious facts

Xzibit was also engaged in car theft and armed robbery.

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The beginnings of Xzibit

While his facility for musical composition began at age 8 when he was still living with his mother in Detroit. Xzibit rediscovered his talent while spending his youth on the streets of Compton. For 1995 debuted on the music scene with the simple Ghett FreeStyle. A year later, he presented his first studio album, At the Speed ​​of Life, with which he obtained the 22nd place in the “R & B / Hip-Hop Albums” list of Billboard magazine.

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In 1998, after spending a couple of years perfecting his musical style and making himself known among the urban guild in the United States. Xzibit released his second record production 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz. This album quickly became a success and is considered an Anglo-Saxon rap classic.

In 2001 the mythical producer Dr. Dre allowed him to sing alongside rapper Snoop Dogg in his song Bitch Please. After this first collaboration, Xzibit went on to share a microphone with other important rappers like Eminem. With whom he performed the songs, What’s the Difference and Bitch Please II. It is a remix of the original Snoop Dogg song.

Under the tutelage of Dr. Dre, Xzibit released his third studio album, Restless, in 2000. With this new production, the rapper won first place in the “Top R & B / Hip Hop Albums” list of Billboard magazine and achieved certification Platinum Disc in the United States and Canada. Keep reading: Remy ma net worth

TV profile

In 2002 Xzibit released the album Man vs. Machine, a production with which he did not achieve high praise from critics, a situation that markedly paused his musical career. However, his celebrity profile remained intact, so MTV, for the year 2004, invited him to be the host of the popular television show Pimp My Ride.

With a distinctive mood and a remarkable ability for conversation, Xzibit gained more popularity than ever in front of MTV screens. Pimp My Ride quickly became one of the program’s most-watched and beloved channels, thus achieving massive ratings in Latin America and the United States.

Xzibit remained the only presenter of the space until 2007 when MTV decided to cancel the show. During his years as a television star, Xzibit produced the Weapons of Mass Destruction and Full Circle albums. Both productions obtained modest recognition from the public and music critics.

Due to the notable decline of his musical career, Xzibit tried his luck in the cinema with the film xXx 2: State of Emergency (2005) with the actor Vin Diesel. In 2011, after a long pause of the music scene, the rapper announced the release of his seventh album Napalm. Here he presented collaborations with foreign artists and much more modern sounds.

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