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How to Get Rid of Baby Cockroach? Fast, Safe and Secret Tricks

The infestation of a baby cockroach in the home is a real plague that must be fought as soon as possible. Because baby cockroaches carry diseases and they are difficult to eliminate once settled in large numbers. In this article, we will show how to get rid of baby cockroaches permanently.

They should always carry the prevention of baby cockroaches out in spring, early summer and before they switch the heating on. If the infestation is in an advanced stage, the only thing to do is request the intervention of pest control professionals. You are legally authorized to use particularly effective chemical products, without risking the health of the inhabitants of the house.

It is possible to try to eliminate baby cockroaches with various systems, acting promptly as soon as we discover their presence at home. These insects are prolific and multiply at great speed.

As you realize you have baby cockroaches at home?

Baby cockroaches do not like the light and the presence of men and animals. During the day, they hide in their nests, coming out only in the dark.

get rid of baby cockroach

So, at the beginning of the infestation, one can realize the unwelcome presence only if, suddenly, turning on the light in a dark environment, we see them in the rooms.

The damn baby cockroaches can also give off a bad smell similar to that of mold. We feel a hint that resembles that of moldy citrus fruits without there being any lemons and oranges gone wrong. We probably have these guests for nothing at all desired in the house.

If you find small and dark balls or brownish spots, it is easy to treat them as baby cockroach droppings.

Apply chalks


The places to check first are the kitchen and the bathroom. You need to control the areas located under the sink, the kitchen, the oven and furniture.

If only one is seen, there are probably others already in the house and the best thing would be to find the nest. Follow their path to find out where they come from.

We must ensure that any holes and openings are found through which baby cockroaches can enter the house, even if baby cockroaches often enter the interior, passing through drains and ventilation outlets.

It is necessary to seal any holes and openings with filler or silicone and place the plugs in tanks and sinks when they are not used before starting the “do it yourself” disinfection.

How to proceed to eradicate a baby cockroach infestation?

There are various ways to try to eliminate cockroaches, using chemical or natural substances.

From my personal experience, I have to admit that the special chemicals used to fight baby cockroaches (gels, such as Solfac, in particular) are the most effective, although some can be harmful to health and the environment.

The natural remedies against baby cockroaches are useful if the amount of the same in the house is limited and has not yet implemented a full-scale invasion.

We must try to understand what kind of baby cockroaches we find in front of us to identify the ideal habitats of each species. It is necessary to use a special insecticide spray. Spray it on the floor and in all the points where the damn baby cockroaches could hide: skirting boards, ventilation ducts, walls, jambs, cracks, etc. Without neglecting the aspects of the house that are difficult to reach where these insects prefer to nest.

When to use the insecticide spray?

insecticide spray

During this operation, it is advisable to wear gloves and a mask, keeping children and pets out of the room and avoid staying in the room for a few hours before returning after having well ventilated.

Also, the insecticide powder and the foam one perform a good job, but they are absolutely to be excluded in the presence of animals and children. It could come into contact with them or, worse, ingest them.

The products based on the pyrethrum, a repellent substance, keep the baby cockroaches away but do not solve the problem at the root: the insects do not pass where the dust has been put, but they hide and proliferate anyway.

You can prepare poisonous food for cockroaches

you must make a mixture of equal parts of flour, sugar and boric acid (available at the pharmacy) and put it in places where you are sure that only they can access it.

Boric acid is only indicated for external use. There is no risk of it being ingested by small children and pets. It is also necessary to avoid breathing the dust, which is irritating to the lungs.

This mixture, which tends to become encrusted in damp environments, should be placed, on kitchen paper or aluminum foil, under the sink, under the refrigerator and in the oven and in the places where it is possible to nest and transit cockroaches.

Sugar attracts insects, flour imprisons them and boric acid kills them. Still, this process requires patience, as it takes at least 20 days before the total disappearance of the baby cockroaches that, during the treatment, will occur alternately in less and fewer waves several.

Even the ‘tannic acid is useful, but it is to be used very carefully because it is highly toxic.

The tricks of the grandmother

old tricks to kill cockroach

An old trick of the grandmother to poison the baby cockroaches is to form “a delicious creamy sauce” based on match heads, flour and water and then spread it on lettuce leaves.

If there are children and animals, you can alternatively use a natural mixture of chalk, water and sugar, an effective and completely natural remedy.

Gypsum and sugar are used in equal parts, mixing them with a sufficient amount of water to form poisonous morsels for insects, or, even better, it is possible to use special lures for cockroaches, whose containers are generally child-proof.

Baby cockroaches eat the corpses of their own kind. For this, they will find, in the end, a few carcasses or, if you are lucky and the den is not inside the house, it is also possible that you will not find them completely.

The baits must be put in the points that are considered more accessible to the evil baby cockroaches and it is necessary to have the patience to wait a few days before they find them.

In the market, there are also traps with an adhesive that imprisons the insects. These must be placed in the points where it is most likely to pass the cockroaches.

Coffee beans trap

coffee bean tricks

It is also possible to build “do-it-yourself” traps, placing jars containing water and coffee beans next to a wall, so that the baby cockroaches can get into the containers, but not get out.

The sand of diatoms, which should be placed in the corners, behind appliances and the back of the water eliminates baby cockroaches but dehydrates and kills other types of insects such as ants and, if inhaled, can cause damage to health ( see the update later in the post).

Another natural and economical method in the fight against baby cockroaches is to prepare a solution of water and soap and spray it on the insect, making sure that the soapy water hits its head.

Baby cockroaches breathe through the skin and the soap will suffocate them in a few minutes, but it is good to eliminate them immediately, as they may not even die and be able to recover.

It is essential to get rid of baby cockroaches and avoid their reappearance and the risks of taking diseases of which these insects are vehicles. Disinfect the drains and the overflow holes with specific insecticides, bleach, or muriatic acid, following the instructions and without doing run water for a whole night.

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