How to pack your clothes for your trip so that they don’t crease

Packing is often the least favourite part of going anywhere. However, it is important to do this properly so you don’t arrive at your Serviced Apartment Birmingham destination, like those offered by,  ready for a night out and find that all you have to wear is one crinkled mess after another. Follow these tips to look immaculate throughout your time away.

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Roll with it

There are generally two ways of stashing clothes in a bag – folding or rolling. The best solution for keeping the wrinkles at bay is to fold garments such as T-shirts into a rectangular shape and then roll them up. For jeans, place the legs one on top of the other, then roll up from the cuff. This will save space too. Roll up socks and use them to fill small gaps.

Reducing friction is another way of reducing wrinkling. Stop garments from rubbing against each other and producing static by putting them in plastic bags. If your clothes are already on hangers in dry-cleaning bags, then that is perfect. You could store smart shirts in these.  Simply fold and place in your suitcase. Also, don’t stuff your bag with too many items as the weight and the compression will make your clothes look like old tea towels. Do not pack an iron, huge bottles of shampoo or large glass tubs of moisturiser. These things are all readily available in most parts of the world.

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Delicate items

Lingerie and underwear can be stored in mesh laundry bags that are practical and allow easy but unobtrusive inspection should your bag be searched. While packing for yourself is bad enough, packing for an entire family and trying to remember everything can be quite stressful. This report from The Telegraph is a handy list of all the things you need to remember.

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Put your heaviest items, such as toiletries, in the bottom of your bag and layer everything on top. With a little forethought, your clothing will be crisp and ready to see the sights at the other end.

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