Ways that you Can Provide for the Wildlife in the Winter Months

Winter is a hard time for us humans but for the wildlife it is much harder. With so many animals struggling for survival at the moment, trying to help them out in the winter is a great way to help to preserve some of the native species in Britain. In your garden you don’t need a lot of space to make a good place for wildlife to benefit in the winter.

There are lots of jobs that we can do in the garden during the winter – from keeping garden furniture safe and secure to repairing our garden equipment with things like these mountfield parts and it doesn’t take much more effort to set up some places that will keep the wildlife happy. Here are some of the things that you can do to help out the animals living in your area this winter…

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A Bird Feeding Station – In the winter the foods that birds need are in short supply. Berries and nuts that were available earlier in the year are no longer in hedges and trees and as the ground is often frozen it can be harder to find the insects and worms that birds feed on. Setting up a place for birds to eat is easy and you don’t need a lot of room. The main thing to ensure is that it is safe from predators, like cats and foxes. Make fat balls and put out nuts and seeds every day and you will soon attract a lot of birds to feed there. As well as the food you should provide fresh water too, especially when it is icy, as birds can struggle to get to any water that isn’t frozen.

A Hibernation Spot – In the winter, many animals look for a safe and cosy spot to hunker down and stay away from the worst of the cold. Animals like hedgehogs, dormice and slow worms will all be looking for a place to see out the winter. Things like fallen leaves can be used to create perfect hiding places for these creatures, all you need to do is to sweep them into large piles, ideally in a sheltered and quiet area of the garden where they can wait out the winter.

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Places for Bugs – Many bugs and bees are essential to the biodiversity of the UK and they are also in need of support in the winter. Bug houses are fantastic for providing this for many insects and bugs. You can also provide plants for the bugs that are active in the winter – for example, some bumblebees are active in the winter, so things like winter clematis are great for these bees, and are also something that can add a splash of pretty colour into your garden in the winter months.

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