Top Motorcycle Accessories for Any Respectable Bike

For the novice biker, finding the right accessories to personalize your motorcycle requires having an idea what you want. The following shortlist should help guide you in the right direction and maybe put something new on the radar.


A subpar helmet will create a bad look, but the perfect helmet can complement and even elevate the appearance of a bike. Motorcycle helmets come in all sorts of styles, so also make sure that you have a look in mind when you shop. A word of warning: While style may be important to most, make sure that any helmet you purchase meets the highest of safety standards.


There are many GPSs sold specifically to fit on motorcycles. Simply attach to a spot easily viewable in between the handlebars and you can have step-by-step directions to the destination.


Specialized sunglasses or goggles protect the rider’s eyes from dust, bugs and other objects as they drive. Certain models can feature protections from fog or UV rays.


Motorcycle jackets not only look cool, but they can also save lives by shielding the rider from harm when they are thrown off a bike. Additionally, jackets can provide protection from the elements and stray bugs. Leather is the most popular choice among bikers for its durability and protection, but different textiles, such as cotton, provide alternatives that may be more comfortable or stylish.


Providing a better grip on a bike’s handlebars, gloves also double as an expression of personalized style. Specialized gloves work to protect most, if not all, parts of your hand — knuckles, wrist, fingers and bone — in the event of a crash.

Many bikers prefer to ride motorcycles because they embody a desired image. While accessories can enhance a given aesthetic, make sure that the gear you use also works to protect you from potential harm.

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