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The most famous carnivals around the world

Do not know what the destination of your next trip will be? The most famous carnivals around the world are the perfect excuse to get to know cities in a fun way. So, pack your bags, buy your tickets, prepare your travel insurance and enjoy the most colorful party!

All the carnivals have in common the music, the costumes and the party in the streets. However, in every part of the world, they live with distinctive nuances.

The best carnivals in Spain

In Spain, there are not two equal carnivals. The most representative cities of the famous carnivals around the world are distinguished by an autochthonous folklore that makes them unique.

carnivals around the world

Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Speaking of the Canary Islands is talking about the great celebration of the carnival in Spain, one of the oldest festivals in the country, with more than five centuries of history.

Since 1998, apart from the Queen’s Choice Gala, the Drag Queen Election is also celebrated, which has become one of the main attractions of the celebration. Their parades give us a great visual and festive show, where everyone participates.

Did you know that this year the theme of the carnival will be “Una noche en Río”, alluding to another important carnival?

carnivals around the world

Cadiz Carnival

We are not surprised that it has been highlighted as a festival of International Tourist Interest, because the Carnival of Cádiz fascinates both national and foreign tourists. One of the most outstanding celebrations of this festival that lasts more than 10 days is the Falla theater competition, where the famous and ingenious chirigotas take place, acclaimed for their waste of good humor. So those tickets for the show are sold out immediately.

This year you will have the opportunity to enjoy chirigotas of the Cadiz Carnival from February 28 to March 10.


The famous carnivals around the world

Outside our country, we also find fascinating carnivals. All of them transform the cities for a few days and disinhibit their inhabitants, who turn to the festivity. Will you accompany us to visit them?

carnivals around the world


Venice’s Carnival

Its origin dates back to the eleventh century. In the time of Napoleon, the carnival was prohibited and it was not until 1979 that the tradition in the city was resumed. Its celebration lasts just over a month, and during that time it is normal to see people disguised with ornate period dresses and elegant masks.

In its origins, this festivity was aimed at granting the poorest population a moment of fun to publicly mock the aristocracy.

Rio de Janeiro’s carnival

It’s probably the biggest carnival in the world. The Carnival of Rio originates from the fusion of the customs that came from Europe with the African influence. There are four important days of the festivities, in which the parades of the samba schools and the spectacular costumes stand out.

This carnival is celebrated in the Sambadrome enclosure that has a capacity for 80 thousand people.

carnivals around the world

New Orleans Mardi Grass Carnival

One of the most popular carnivals around the world is New Orleans. It is also celebrated intensively in Mobile and Mississippi. Its name comes from the carnival denomination in French, literally fatty Tuesday. This festivity is the result of the union of cultures that occurred in that region. Although the Mardi Grass falls on a Tuesday between February 3 and March 9, the parades begin two weeks earlier.

The best carnival costumes in the world are in this party. Not only in the floats and parades, but also the public disguises itself in all the streets of the city.

The traditional colors of this carnival are the green, purple and gold that signify faith, justice, and power respectively, this tradition was established in 1892.

carnivals around the world

Carnivals of Binche

These carnivals take place in a Belgian village in the province of Hainaut. Due to their great interest, in 2003 they were declared Oral and Intangible Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO.

The Gilles, organized through groups of friends, are the typical characters of these parties. They prepare their costumes with care during the previous months to parade in the great celebration. It is striking that only men participate in this parade. The rest of the town that does not parade is disguised with humorous reasons and adds to the party in a day of debauchery.

The particular white mask used by almost all Gilles groups is a symbol of the city.

carnivals around the world

Carnival of Trinidad and Tobago

Of course, this small Caribbean country is one of the most famous carnivals around the world. It is in the capital Port of Spain, where we find the most important celebrations, characterized by calypso and soca music.

The colorful character with African roots reminds us of carnivals in the purest Brazilian style. For three days the multitudinous parades with floats abound to the rhythm of the steelbands, bands with instruments made of recycled materials.

Each of the bands of this carnival is led by a king or queen wearing an extremely large costume decorated with sequins and feathers.

Surely you have already cheered up with the carnival atmosphere and you know what your costume would be to join the fun. Now you just have to decide which famous carnivals around the world you would visit. Share it with your friends and plan a great trip.

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