Why silicone is the first choice for many applications

Silicone is a great choice of material for many different purposes. The reason for this is that it has many useful properties that make it ideal for use in many industries.

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Temperature resistant

Silicone has a high temperature resistance, which means it can withstand being used in very hot and very cold environments. It retains its elasticity in extreme temperatures and does not go brittle when freezing or become damaged in the heat. Silicone is therefore ideal for applications in which protecting against temperature damage is useful, such as in house paint.

Fire resistant

Silicone is also highly resistant to flames, making it stable and unlikely to catch fire. Electronic applications are therefore ideal places to use silicone, especially where the item needs to self-extinguish quickly such as in computers and ovens.

Silicone Moulds from companies such as are particularly useful for a number of different business sectors due to its fire and temperature resistance.

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Hard wearing

Silicone is highly durable, which is one of the reasons it is used in medicine. Silicone is used for implants because it is strong and resists wear, is accepted by the body and is permeable, which means some substances can pass through it. Silicone can also be used to protect a wound while it heals, acting as a useful seal.

Sealing properties

As silicone is good as a seal, it is used not only in medicine but also in construction. Silicone seals can be used in cockpits of planes and in the doors of cars and houses to keep draughts out. Seals are also useful to protect the corners of a bath.

One problem with using silicone sealant around a bath in this way is that it can become mouldy due to the damp, which encourages fungal spores. If you need to remove the sealant, it is best to cut off the majority with a blade then use a pan scourer to remove the remainder. You can also put new silicone sealant on top of old sealant, as they will bond together.

The strong properties of silicone make it the first choice for many applications. From sealant to medical implants and ovens to computers, you will find silicone everywhere thanks to its temperature resistance, durability, stability and safety.

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